Employee resources and state workforce

​​​Here in DAS Employee Relations we partner with DAS and our client agencies to provide consultations, recruitment and position management, training and professional development and HR operations and systems.

To acquire HR services, call us at 503-378-3622 or email us at chro.hr@oregon.gov​

Business partners

Our team of HR business partners provide a full range of HR services and consultation to DAS and client agencies. Managers and employees alike can bring questions or concerns to the attention of a professional, caring HR professional. 

Recruitment and position management

Our Recruitment and Position Management team provides assistance in recruiting a skilled, diverse workforce for Oregon state government, and work to increase the number of minority candidates in recruitment pools​.

HR operations and systems

Our HR Operations and Systems team oversees state government’s personnel-related computer systems, databases and tables, including iLearnOregon and eRecruit. From development activities to daily operations and security, they ensure the availability of the state’s personnel-related systems.  

Training and professional development

Our HR training and professional development team oversees the development needs for all DAS employees, Client Agencies, and Oregon's project, program, portfolio management development.

Diversity and inclusion

Our workforce diversity coordinator promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion within DAS and client agencies, and oversees any issues or complaints of discrimination, harassment or ADA accommodation. For information on these topics or to file a complaint without fear of reprisal contact our diversity coordinator at chro.hr@oregon.gov​

Service level agreement

Under the auspices of the EHRS Customer Utility Board (CUB), DAS EHRS and a group of customer agency representatives completed the development of the new EHRS Service Level Agreement (SLA). The final SLA document was voted and approved unanimously by the members of the Board during the September CUB meeting. ​

The objective of this SLA is to ensure both staff and customers understand and agree how the services will be performed and the responsibilities and expectations of each party. The SLA describes services, identifies service level performance targets and responsibilities, and documents service management processes agreed upon by DAS and representatives from all four Customer Utility Boards. The SLA is a working document meant to reflect the continuous change in services and operating processes delivered by DAS, and the change in service level expectations agreed upon between CHRO and customers.