Employee resources and state workforce

Military Leave Deployment OutlineGeneral
MDLP Donation Authorization FormDonation process
OSPS Military Leave of Absence HandbookDonation process
MDLP Agency Accounting Reimbursement FormDisbursment proccess
MDLP Disbursement flow chartDisbursment proccess
MDLP Disbursement ProcessDisbursment proccess
MDLP Employee Disbursement Request FormDisbursment proccess
MDLP Salary Eligibility MethodologyDisbursment proccess
African American family poster 11x17Communication tools
African American family poster 8.5x11Communication tools
Caucasian family poster 11x17Communication tools
Caucasian family poster 8.5x11Communication tools
Single Dad poster 11x17Communication tools
Single Dad poster 8.5x11Communication tools
Single Mom poster 11x17Communication tools
Single Mom poster 8.5x11Communication tools
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