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Performance Accountability and Feedback

The Performance Accountability and Feedback workstream is part of the Oregon Management project, with the goal to empower managers with the right tools and training to produce outcomes, provide support, assess performance and provide feedback to the staff they manage, according to our 
statewide values and competencies. 

Who is Involved?

Managers who manage employees who are management service supervisory, management service non-supervisory, classified unrepresented, and unclassified unrepresented.

TRAINING | Frequently Asked Questions:

Managers will be required to complete Performance Accountability and Feedback training within three (3) months of initial appointment into their supervisory position.
​Managers will receive training on the performance accountability and feedback model, learn how to provide feedback, develop clear expectations and measurements, provide coaching and conduct the quarterly check-ins. This process will create a clear, consistent and comprehensive statewide performance accountability system. Managers will use the online Workday portal to enter information for each quarterly feedback session.  ​​​
​​​Mandatory training will be provided through a blended approach using online and virtual classroom sessions. Online modules must be completed first through Workday before attending a virtual classroom session.​​​
​All supervisory managers are required to take the training.

​All supervisory managers are required to complete three 30-minute online modules. The modules cover the following:

  • Module 1 - will provide an overview of the enterprise values and competencies; accountability; and the Performance Accountability and Feedback model. 

  • Module 2​ - will cover the planning phase of the Performance Accountability and Feedback model.  The planning phase consists of reviewing the agency’s strategic direction; reviewing and updating position descriptions; reviewing and updating performance expectations; and development planning and goal setting.

  • Module 3 - will cover the monitoring phase and quarterly feedback sessions. This consists of doing regular check-ins, giving feedback, and coaching employees.

​Once participants complete the online modules, they will be required to attend a virtual class session. Participants will register for a virtual classroom through Workday​​, and will recieve a Zoom link to access the virtual classroom.

The four-hour virtual session will include facilitated activities where managers will practice skills learned in the online sessions and then participate in simulated scenarios. These real-life scenarios will allow managers to increase their proficiency in the performance accountability and feedback model. ​​​​
​​The three online modules must be completed within 30 days of initial appointment into a supervisory position. The virtual classroom session must be completed within 60 days of initial appointment into the supervisory position. View the PAF checklist​ for more information and timelines.
​​Yes, participants will be charged $100 for the training to cover materials and facilitator fees. ​​
All supervisory managers are required to take the training.​ will need to conduct quarterly check-ins and document them in Workday. 

You can find the quarterly check-in schedule here​

​Cancel your registration in Workday and enroll in another offering. Your $100 fee will transfer with your new registration.​

​​​If you need special assistance to take the online course or attend a virtual classroom session, please contact​

​​​​Online training is open to anyone, but it is intended for supervisory managers. There is no cost to take the online training.

The virtual classroom sessions are limited to supervisory managers.

​The purpose of the training is to provide all in-scope manager's the same knowledge and skill in the Performance Accountability and Feedback model. Every manager has different levels of experience and the training is one mechanism to provide the same baseline for all managers. 

PERFORMANCE CHECK-INS | Frequently Asked Questions: 

Managers will be required to perform their first check-in with subordinate employees  within three (3) months of completing the Performance Accountability and Feedback training.
​​​​Under TOMP, and by policy​, quaterly check-ins will be required for all employees​. Managers can choose to continue to provide formal performance evaluations, however they are not part of the requirement and would be up to that manager and agency discretion. ​​​​
All supervisory managers will conduct quarterly check-ins with their employees​.
​No. At this point of the project, pay is not tied to completion of the required check-ins. ​​​
​No. Check-ins are a manual process initiated by the manager. See the check-in job aid on how to do check-ins in Workday.​
​​No, performance evaluation reminders for all supervisory managers will be turned off in the Workday system.​
​Yes, information entered into the “Check-ins” and “Goals” sections in Workday will follow the employee throughout their state service.  ​
​​Agency directors and HR managers will receive completion reports and will address this with those who have not completed the mandatory training or check-ins.
​The employee who received the check-in, their manager, and their manager’s manager will be able to view shared information in the “Check-ins” and “Goals” sections of Workday.  
The check-in and goal features in Workday are very basic with no busines processes tied to them and they can't be modified. 

There are job aids providing detailed information on what should be added into the different fields. Below are the links.

​​Beyond what is containted in the online courses, there will not be additional training at the statewide level. Agencies may provide agency specific training. Contact your HR Department to see if they provide additional training or support. 

What you put into the check-ins does not need to contain really detailed information. The Check-in job aid ​provides examples for each of the quarterly feedback sessions. Remember, all information entered into the check-in feature in Workday can be requested via public records request. Make sure to only document factual information. Do not include personal editorials.
​​At this ti​me, the check-in feature is only available on the web based version of Workday and not available on the mobile app.


  • ​​​DAS CHRO has incorporated the enterprise manager competencies into the job profiles for managers and is working on adding them for all other job profiles. Agencies can add these and other competencies into position descriptions and job recruitments.
  • Managers can use the manager competency guide or employee competency guide​ to identify developmental goals.
  • ​​​Affirmative action, diversity, equity and inclusion are reflected in the enterprise’s equity value and in the communication and intentional engagement competencies.
  • ​DAS CHRO has incorporated the enterprise manager competencies into the job profiles for managers and is working on adding them for all other job profiles. Agencies can add these and other competencies into position descriptions and job recruitments.​​
  • Managers can use the manager competency guide or the employee competency guide​ to identify developmental goals.