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​The Management Classification Review workstream is part of the Oregon Management Project that will convert the Principal Executive Manager (PEM) series – most of Oregon’s 2,700 state managers – into more specific, job-related classifications, and allow us to achieve our pay equity goals. 

Frequently asked questions: 

The scope of the Oregon Management Project is currently focused on positions in the Principal Executive Manager series. There are many classifications that have management service positions (e.g. Internal Auditor) however, those are not in the scope of this project.​

No! Data collected in 2014 helped inform the structure of the new classification system. Since we are utilizing the same system we designed previously we do not need to collect addtional data. 

The DAS Classification and Compensation unit has partnered with Agency leadership to appropriately place all PEMs into occupationally-specific classifications. 

Given the majority of these classification’s overall position to market, the compensation structure for the new classifications will, with few exceptions, align with the current PEM compensation. The compensation structure will also look familiar, as the new classifications will continue with the step system.

Individual salary placement will be reviewed at the time of allocation. Depending on the allocation, some employees may see an increase to their salaries. In the unlikely event that an employee is allocated to a lower level classification, that employee’s salary will be retained. If an employee’s salary is above their new classification’s structural salary maximum, their salary will be held until the salary falls within the new range.

​Employee salary placement will be determined based on classification allocation and a pay equity assessment. CHRO and agency human resources will utilize employees’ Workday profile to evaluate work history and qualifications. Employees need to ensure their Workday records are up to date for accurate analysis.​

​Employees will have an opportunity to review and appeal their classification and compensation placement during their designated implementation window. CHRO and agency human resources will review and send final allocation notices.​

Management classification review timeline:

Between now and November 2021, DAS CHRO will meet with agencies to refresh agency allocations, meet with agency subject matter experts to develop new job classification specifications, and develop the classification allocation and pay equity appeal forms and processes.

We will be breaking implementation down into four windows lasting from November 2021 through November 2022. Each window will address a different group of job families and last three months. 

Subject Matter Expert resources:

Project documents: ​​