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Oregon Management Project


Nearly 25 years have passed since we took a thorough look at the state’s classification and compensation system for management. Needless to say, we have an outdated system that is not aligned with the modern job market.

TOMP will enable us to be more comparable with the public and private sectors by matching the work managers do with job classifications that are understandable and recognizable in the modern job market. We also need to be transparent and accountable in the way Oregonians expect their government to operate.

What is The Oregon Management Project (TOMP)?

TOMP will move the general Principal Executive Manager (PEM) series into more specific, job-related classifications that will be in alignment with the public and private sector. (For example, most people outside of state government understand what a Human Resources Manager is, but don’t understand what a PEM D is.) TOMP will also focus on increased accountability among managers.

What does TOMP Entail? 

There are two main components to the project: 
​We have developed a set of statewide ​values, competencies, and proficiencies​ ​that state government seeks in its managers; we will now empower managers with the right tools and training to produce outcomes, provide support, assess performance and provide feedback to the staff they manage, according to those values and competencies. ​​

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Converts the Principal Executive Manager (PEM) series – most of Oregon’s 2,700 state managers – into more specific, job-related classifications, and allow us to achieve our pay equity goals. This part of the project could also convert other supervisory managers (non-PEM managers who are supervisors) into new classifications. ​​

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