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Agency FAQ

We're currently having conversations with the Buy Decision programs to see what we can do to facilitate the process in OregonBuys.

DOJ and OSCIO approvals are not currently in the project scope for OregonBuys. We'll continue to review this to see if it makes sense to include in the future.

We're actively working with OSCIO to provide direction to agencies on this topic.

​Yes, OregonBuys has functionality that supports BVA.

​The OregonBuys eProcurement system is fully funded by an additional 1% Vendor Collected Administrative Fee (VCAF) collected on DAS statewide price agreements. 

These VCAF costs are shared by state agencies, Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (OrCPP) members, and vendors. The 1% fee covers deployment and use of this eProcurement tool across all state agencies. Costs integrating with any agency specific procurement or payment systems besides R*STARS and TEAMS will need to be self funded by the affected agency.

The OregonBuys eProcurement solution offers a contract administration module with robust functionality, including digital signatures. However, the contract administration module isn't included in the current project scope. We will consider adding it as a possible future enhancement.

​No, the Project Steering Committee voted to not allow encumbering in OregonBuys. This decision will be revisited when the batch interface to R*STARS is potentially replaced with real-time integration.

​Reverse auction functionality isn't in the project scope. We'll consider adding it as a future enhancement. 

​Yes, OregonBuys has a column for referencing ORPIN documents numbers on Bid Solicitations and Master Blanket Purchase Order documents (price agreement/contract document).

SPOTS card purchases in Phase II are currently on hold. We'll post updated information here as soon as it is available.

  • ​Individual attachments can be marked as confidential. However, if an agency has multiple affected contracts, they may choose to set up a department that is confidential within their organization. Contracts could then be set up as Master Blanket Purchase Orders in the confidential department. *Note: Anything marked confidential or included in the confidential department would still appear in agency and enterprise level reports.
  • There is no way to mark suppliers as confidential in OregonBuys. Contact if you have a supplier who needs to be kept confidential.

Ask your agency Designated Procurement Officer (DPO) to send an email request to the DAS eProcurement Team. The email must include:

  1. Agency Org ID – Agency Name (ie 10700 – Department of Administrative Services),
  2. Request that the agency be set up to submit requests for DAS PS to do work on behalf of the agency,
  3. The names of users who need access to be able to submit requests to DAS PS on behalf of the agency.

If you receive an error when trying to open the OregonBuys Marketplace, your agency's internet security may be blocking the URL. To resolve, please contact your agency IT department and ask them to whitelist the URL.

​Use one of the following options to assist foreign vendors who need to register in OregonBuys:

  1. Ask the foreign vendor to get a US tax ID number. They can then use the tax ID number to register in OregonBuys.
  1. Agency staff can set up the foreign vendor in R*STARS, then have the vendor register in OregonBuys using the R*STARS vendor number. Click here for R*STARS instructions on how to add a foreign vendor.