OregonBuys project information

Agency Frequently Asked Questions 

​No - the Project Steering Committe voted to not allow encumbering in OregonBuys. This decision will be revisited when the batch interface to R*STARS is potentially replaced with real-time integration.

We're currently having conversations with the buy decision programs to see what we can do to facilitate the process in OregonBuys.

​Yes, state agencies and government entities will need to register as a vendor to participate in an ORS 190 in OregonBuys.

DOJ and OSCIO approvals are not currently in the project scope for OregonBuys. We'll continue to review this to see if it makes sense to include in the future.

We're actively working with OSCIO to provide direction to agencies on this topic and will know more by the end of September 2020.
​Yes, OregonBuys has functionality that supports BVA.

The OregonBuys eProcurement solution offers a contract administration module with robust functionality, including digital signatures. However, the contract administration module isn't included in the current project scope. We will consider adding it as a possible future enhancement.

​The OregonBuys eProcurement system is fully funded by an additional 1% Vendor Collected Administrative Fee (VCAF) collected on DAS statewide price agreements. 

These VCAF costs are shared by state agencies, Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (OrCPP) members, and vendors. The 1% fee covers deployment and use of this eProcurement tool across all state agencies. Costs integrating with any agency specific procurement or payment systems besides R*STARS and TEAMS will need to be self funded by the affected agency.

Come to an OregonBuys monthly forum to see a demo of the system and get answers to questions. Click here to view a schedule of the upcoming forum sessions.