Online Classes Are Here!


The Oregon Home Care Commission now is offering online classes for personal support workers and homecare workers. Our first three classes to be offered are “Keeping It Professional”, “Helping Caregivers Fight Fraud and Abuse” and  “Working Together”. Together, these three courses make up the core classes required for the Professional Development Certification.

The three core online courses will provide another opportunity for workers to receive training other than the traditional in-person classroom setting. Workers will choose which style of learning environment they feel works best for them! More online classes will be added over time and will be announced in the training newsletter and on the OHCC website.

The online courses do require access to a computer and are not recommended or designed for tablets or smart phones. Although most workers do have access to a computer, some workers may not. Public computer access will vary, depending on the community; options may include libraries or WorkSource Oregon. Workers will need to explore these different options in their community if they do not have a personal computer but are interested in taking the course online. Because the computer is an essential part of taking the online course, workers who cannot gain access to a computer will need to choose the in-person classroom option. Additionally, courses in iLearnOregon should be accessed through either Firefox (recommended), Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Register for iLearnOregon

The courses will be hosted on the state-approved Learning Management System called iLearnOregon. iLearnOregon is used by many different users for training, including state employees and other contracted providers.

See step-by-step instructions on registering as a user on iLearnOregon and signing up for a course. Workers should be aware that if they do not follow the written instructions exactly as written, they may find themselves unable to register or take the course. Common errors that users make include forgetting their user name or password; typing in an email address in correctly while registering; not taking the course on a computer and trying to take it on a tablet or smart phone.

iLearnOregon Has Its Own Help Desk

iLearnOregon has its own help desk and workers who are having any difficulties related to iLearnOregon will be instructed to contact the iLearnOregon help desk. The iLearnOregon help desk's primary function is to help troubleshoot an error when a worker is not able to complete the necessary action. First register as a user. This will include creating a username and a confidential password. Once registered, then a course can be completed. Workers will be able to reset their own password in iLearnOregon!

Three Parts to a Course Curriculum

Once the registration of iLearnOregon is complete, a worker can then sign up to take a course. It is very important that providers use the online course links provided by OHCC. The links for each of the available courses can be found in the written instructions for registering with iLearnOregon. Each course has three parts to the course curriculum: the worker guide, the course itself and the online assessment. The worker guide can be downloaded and saved on the computer or it can be printed out. The online assessment is included and workers who are working towards their Professional Development Certification, will need to complete the assessment and score 80% to receive credit for the assessment. The iLearnOregon course assessment is online for those who have completed the course online and not for workers who have completed the course in the in-person classroom setting (there is another assessment option for those in the classroom).

The Online Course

The online course will need to be completed prior to taking the online assessment. Workers who do not score 80% on their assessment will need to retake the course. The online course can be paused and when the worker returns, they can pick up where they left off. There is no time limit to how long the worker can take a course, however, each course does have a prescribed length of time that will be used to calculate stipend payments. There are knowledge checks throughout the course as well as activities and opportunities for the worker to explore videos and other website materials.


Certificates of completion will be produced in iLearnOregon and the worker will have the option, if they choose to, print the certification. Workers may also come back later to print a certificate.

Training Participation Record (TPR)

Workers who have completed an in-person class are familiar with the Training Participation Record (TPR). This is how a worker requests a stipend. The TPR still needs to be completed for each course that is taken online. Once the course is complete, the worker will take the assessment (if they want to earn PDC credit), and then fill out an online TPR form. The TPR includes required information that the OHCC staff needs to give the worker credit for the course and process a stipend. Workers who fail to complete their TPR accurately will experience a delay in credit and stipend payment and the worker will be required to contact the OHCC unit to continuing with processing the information. For example, the TPR asks the worker for their provider number. That is how we know who took the course and to whom to give the credit. If the provider number entered is incorrect, we will not be able to process the request. Workers should accurately list their email address in the iLearnOregon as well. The processing time for a stipend will vary but will be placed in the stipend process with the in-person classes and processed as quickly as possible.


If the course taken in iLearnOregon is the exact class offered in the in-person classroom, then the worker will qualify for a stipend for the online course on the 12th month of receiving a stipend for the in-person classroom. For example, if a worker took the course in August 2017, and then, takes the online course in July 2018, the worker will not qualify for a stipend for the online course. Why? Because the worker did not meet the 12 month waiting period for the stipend. If the worker were to take that course in August and not July they would be able to receive a stipend (provided all other requirements are met) because they took the online course in the twelfth month. The worker will also need to have paid working hours in the month of the online course or one of the previous three months.

Important Computer Information

It is important to note that iLearnOregon and the Registry are not electronically connected. Staff at OHCC will be manually entering the information from the reports produced in iLearnOregon to the Registry course record for the worker. For example, if a worker took a course online, OHCC staff will be able to verify that and then enter the information in to the workers training record on the Registry. The information will be processed in order and the worker may not see the information entered in to their training profile immediately, but it will be entered as quickly as possible, so keep checking back. iLearnOregon will save the information and the worker can look at their own transcripts and see what courses they have completed. ​​