The Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) offers a Professional Development Certification (PDC) for homecare (HCW) and personal support workers (PSW). The purpose of the certification is to acknowledge the continued skill development and services provided by HCWs and PSWs. Providers who complete the requirements will receive a 2-year certification with a .50 wage increase over the base rate.

Professional Development Certification launched on January 1, 2017 and has been earned by over 700 providers in its first two years offered. Today, HCWs and PSWs enjoy taking some of the courses online. Additionally, the PDC is in six languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Arabic and Vietnamese.

The Oregon Home Care Commission offers monthly in-person and online training courses for providers seeking to meet the PDC requirements. HCWs and PSWs may self-register for training classes through the OHCC Registry, or use iLearnOregon for online courses.
View information about requirements and specific trainings you need to take to earn the Professional Development Certification.


After completing the coursework and requirements to earn the Professional Development Certification a provider will need to complete an application​ and return it to the Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC).


Professional Development Certification depends on a provider’s CPR/First Aid. If the CPR/First Aid card expires during the 24-month PDC, the provider will lose their .50 cent pay increase and return to the base pay rate. To avoid the wage increase from being interrupted, due to an expired CPR/First Aid card, providers will need to:

  • Keep track of the expiration date of the CPR/First Aid card on a personal calendar
  • Send a copy of the CPR/First Aid cards directly to OHCC when renewed
  • Email –​

Providers are required to get OHCC their new CPR/First Aid cards BEFORE the old card expires so there will be no lapse in pay – don’t forget to send in renewal cards!


After having Professional Development Certification for 12-months, a provider can begin the renewal process. To qualify for renewal a provider will need to complete all the requirements on the table above but will NOT need to submit a new application.


If you have questions, please email​​​​

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