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publication is defined as a book or single issue of a magazine or newspaper […] received directly from the publisher, distributor, or book vendor. You must not send a publication in your possession directly to an AIC; it must be ordered from and shipped by a publisher, distributor, or book vendor.

How to order a publication for an AIC:
  • Place an order through a publisher, distributor, or book vender just as you would for yourself, except use the AIC's address in the shipping field.
  • The shipping information must include the AIC's name and SID number.
  • You can find the institution addresses here.
  • You may order individual books, magazines, or newspapers.
  • You may also use subscription services (such as a daily newspaper or monthly magazine)
  • Books can be new or used.
  • Books can be hard- or soft-bound
Prohibited Items:
  • Publications may not have attachments (i.e., CD's, DVD's, 3D glasses, origami paper, etc.)
  • Publications may not have a binding that creates a security threat (i.e., heavy leather, pockets, metal clasps, zippers, etc.)
  • Content of publications must comply with the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR 291-131)
  • Packages must not come from a private party; it must be received by DOC directly from the publisher, distributor, or book vendor.  Packages from private parties are returned-to-sender without being opened.
Helpful Hints:
  • Each facility has a Mail Processing Center that can be reached via their main switchboard number. You are welcomed and encouraged to contact them if you have any questions regarding the permissibility of a specific publication; their software maintains a list of ISBN's that have already been approved or rejected.
  • Storage space for AIC property is limited by the state fire marshal, especially for flammable material such as books.  Keep that in mind when considering what size and quantity of books to order.
  • Excluding weekends and holidays, it may take up to four days to process publications once they arrive at the facility.
  • If you intend to call a facility to ask about a missing package, you will want to have the USPS/UPS tracking number available.
Fun Facts:
  • In 2022, Mail Processing Centers processed 74,665 books and 136,186 magazines.
  • There are approximately 2,800 book titles on the “rejected" list for non-compliance with the OAR requirements.
  • Approximately 25,000 new book titles are added to the “approved" list every year.