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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact an Inmate FAQ


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​A: You can have your phone number blocked or unblocked by calling Telmate customer service at (866) 516-0115.​

​A: Inmates can only connect to numbers that are Telmate Verified. When an inmate calls you for the first time, the system will attempt to verify you. If you are unable to verify automatically, you can verify by filling out a form and sending in a copy of your identification.

Many phone carriers, including all cell phone carriers and VOIP services, do not accept collect calls. If your phone service provider does not allow collect calls, you can still receive calls from Oregon Department of Corrections inmates by depositing funds into their prepaid account, or you can create a prepaid account for your phone number using the Telmate website​ or kiosk.

Another reason you may be having trouble: T-Mobile & Metro PCS Phone Carriers have a solicitor’s block, which does not allow friends and family to accept calls by pressing 1 or star. To remove the block dial #632#​

​A: Most phone carriers have a monthly limit on collect calls that they will carry to non-customers. If you exceed the limit established, they will block further collect calls on their system for the rest of the billing cycle. You must contact them to increase this limit.  ​

​A: When phone companies bid on inmate phone contracts, they take operating costs into consideration. Equipment that supports security features for inmate phones can cost millions of dollars.  Additionally, the phone company considers the cost of repairs, non-collected bills and fraud when establishing calling rates for inmate calls. Alternative types of calling plans currently offered in the community, if used in the correctional environment, would bypass mandatory security features, so they are not allowed by the Oregon Department of Corrections.​


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