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Sending a Letter

The only items adults in custody may receive directly from friends or family are photos and letters. Books, magazines, and newspapers must be sent to the AIC directly from a publisher/distributor. All other items, such as games or food, are prohibited. Because of this, letters are very important to AICs and are always appreciated.

To send a letter to an AIC, the following MUST be included on the envelope:

  • The AICs name as it appears on their Oregon Department of Corrections records (no nicknames) 
  • The AICs Oregon state offender identification number (SID#)
  • Correct facility name and complete address
  • A return address with the complete name and address of the sender
If you need to find an adult in custody's correct name, SID number and other information, you can use the Adult in custody Lookup System.

To keep our facilities secure and your incarcerated loved ones safe, there are several restrictions on letters:

  • All mail is opened and reviewed by facility staff before being given to the AIC.
  • Envelopes cannot be more than ¼ inch thick.
  • Stickers, glitter, crayons, glue, musical or decorative cards are not allowed.
  • Scent or lipstick on either the envelope or its contents is not allowed.
  • Blank paper, self-addressed stamped envelopes, and pornography are not allowed.
  • Unauthorized content is not allowed.
If you have questions about mail, please contact the facility where your loved one is housed. You can also learn more about AIC mail by reading the Oregon Administrative Rule.


DOC does not allow outside “care packages". However, there is a process for ordering books, magazines, and newspapers to be delivered from the distributor directly to the institution. Such items are not allowed to be mailed directly from you to the AIC; they must come directly from the distributor. See the Publications section for more details.