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Equitable Policing

As part of a statewide effort to ensure equitable treatment of all people, CPE provides training and technical assistance to public safety agencies related to the preservation of community trust and the prevention of bias-based actions.  This work includes research into effective strategies for countering bias, assisting agencies in examining and adapting community-oriented activities, training on procedural justice and cultural competence, and evaluating the long-term impacts of training on officers' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. CPE works in collaboration with the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to provide these services as a part of Oregon’s Statistical Transparency of Policing (S.T.O.P.) Program.  

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The Officer Reference Guide is a printable document containing basic information about the STOP Program requirements, frequently asked questions, and reporting tips.  This guide has been designed for use as a reference to help officers and supervisors review key data collection elements.

The Data Collection Briefing is a customizable PowerPoint presentation that covers basic information and tips about reporting requirements under the STOP Program.  This slide deck has been designed for use during staff briefings or refresher training, including suggestions for interactive discussion, and allows agencies to customize the presentation further on their own.  DPSST training credit can be received by submitting an F6 form to


STOP Program Data Collection Training - UPDATED March 2022 (No longer includes videos)

This is the basic overview of the data collection required by the STOP Program.