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Fallen Officers Names and End of Watch Dates

        Name of Fallen                                                     Agency                                              End of Watch ~ Year

Jailor Glenn Allen
Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office
Reserve Deputy Sheriff Chester Alquist
Washington Co. Sheriff's Office1968
Posse Member James R. Applegate
Deputy Sheriff Robert "Bobby" Anderson
Benton Co. Sheriff's Office
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Sheriff Paul E. Baker
Yamhill Co. Sheriff's Office1982
Deputy Sheriff Charles H. Basye
Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office1917
Trooper Ralph D. Bates
Oregon State Police1962
Private Burrell Baucom
Oregon State Police1933
Lieutenant Harold R. Berg
Oregon State Police1975
Sergeant Albert W. Bowe
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1945
Deputy Sheriff William D. Bowman
Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office2000
Deputy Sheriff Marvin R. Brewster
Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office1972
Marshal Ernest M. Brown
Lakeview Police Department1911
Sheriff Harvey K. Brown
Deputy Sheriff S. Allen Burdic
Deputy sheriff Irving L. Burkett
Sergeant John R. Burright
Baker Co. Sheriff's Office
Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Oregon State Police
Radio Technician Earl A. Burtch
Oregon State Police1948
Corporal Gary L. Byassee
LaGrande Police Department1982
Trooper George R. Cameron
Oregon State Police1955
Sergeant Theodore R. Chambers
Oregon State Police1945
Deputy Sheriff Michael L. Cheney
Union Co. Sheriff's Office1980
Sergeant Gerald G. Chirrick
Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office1985
Sergeant John P. Christensen
Pendleton Police Department1976
Trooper Bret R. Clodfelter
Oregon State Police1992
Reserve Sergeant Scott E. Collins
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1993
Trooper Dale B. Courtney
Oregon State Police1950
Officer David W. Crowther
Portland Police Bureau1979
Officer Dennis A. Darden
Portland Police Bureau1974
Deputy Gil C. Datan
Coos County Sheriff's Office2015
Officer Roger L. Davies
Portland Police Bureau1974
Patrolman Donald E. DeSues
Roseburg Police Department1959
Superintendant Ed Diedrich
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1924
Deputy Sheriff Roy H. Dirks
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1975
Officer Robert E. Drake
Portland Police Bureau1930
Chief Of Police Clyde Dubell
Oakridge Police Department1950
Officer Oscar L. Duley
Eugene Police Department1930
Chief Daniel Duncan
Lake Oswego Police Department2010
Sheriff William J. Dunlap
Linn Co. Sheriff's Office1923
Deputy Sheriff James W. Dunn II
Benton Co. Sheriff's Office1904
Retired Sheriff Almond L. Eastman
Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office2004
Patrolman Thomas M. Eckart
Salem Police Department1909
Reserve Officer Gerald H. Erickson
Hillsboro Police Department1980
Officer Alfred C. Evans
Nyssa Police Department1957
Deputy Sheriff Thomas R. Farrell
Tillamook Co. Sheriff's Office1987
Correctional Officer Frank B. Ferrell
Oregon Department of Corrections1902
Officer Robert R. Ferron Jr.
Portland Police Bureau1964
Deputy Sheriff Robert E. Forrester
Wasco Co. Sheriff's Office1961
Deputy Sheriff David E. Foster
Curry Co. Sheriff's Office1984
Corrections Officer Michael J. Franke
Sergeant Carl L. Frazier
Oregon Department of Corrections
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office
Deputy Sheriff Kelly J. Fredinburg
Marion Co. Sheriff's Office2007
Chief Of Police Raymond Garcia
Vernonia Police Department1971
Sergeant Brian J. Gaunt
Correctional Lt. Robert C. Geer
Beaverton Police Department
Oregon Department of Corrections
Town Marshall Ralph Gibons
The Dalles Police Department1919
Officer James C. Gill
Portland Police Bureau1915
Sergeant Jason Goodding
Seaside Police Department2016
Sheriff William A. Goodman
Constable Hansford "Harry" Greenfield
Harney Co. Sheriff's Office
Silverton Police Department
Constable Rupert L. Haines
Burns Police Department1924
Senior Trooper William Hakim
Oregon State Police2008
Powderman Charles Hall
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1924
Trooper William M. Hall
Oregon State Police1967
Officer George J. Hanlon
Oregon City Police Department1906
Deputy Sheriff O. John Hart
Umatilla Co. Sheriff's Office1865
Deputy Sheriff David D. Hefner
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1957
Trooper Amos L. Helms
Oregon State Police1931
Posse Member O. D. Henderson
Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office1906
Officer Roderick Henry
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement1988
Correctional Officer Buddy Ray Herron
Oregon Department of Corrections2011
Officer James A. Hines
Portland Police Bureau1945
Officer Jason A. Hoerauf
Albany Police Department2001
Superintendent Holly V. Holcomb
Oregon State Police1975
Correctional Officer James M. Holman
Oregon Department of Corrections1925
Officer Gilbert H. Horton
Portland Police Bureau1946
Game Warden Arthur S. Hubbard
Oregon Game Commission1914
Officer Kirk R. Huffstetler
Portland Police Bureau2002
Patrolman Hans J. Iverson
Silverton Police Department1931
Constable Emery J. Jackson
Silverton Police Department1952
Officer Jesse J. Jackson
Eugene Police Department1934
Patrolman Thomas L. Jeffries
Reserve Corporal Joseph W. Johnson
Portland Police Bureau
Nyssa Police Department
Lieutenant Philip R. Johnson
Portland Police Bureau1941
Correctional Officer Thurston Jones Sr.
Oregon Department of Corrections1902
City Marhall Charles H. Keeler
The Dalles Police Department1867
Sheriff Charles M. Kendall
Linn Co. Sheriff's Office1922
Trooper Frederick C. Kielhorn
Oregon State Police1961
Officer Ronald G. Kilby
Hermiston Police Department1959
Officer John Christopher Kilcullen
Eugene Police Department2011
Corporal Virgil D. Knight Jr.
Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office1985
Officer Victor Knott
Ashland Police Department1931
Marshal Joseph A. Krechter
St. Paul Police Department1906
City Marshal John W. Lambert
Fort Klamath Police Department1911
Deputy Sheriff James Lamers
Sergeant John Lawrence
Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office
Bend Police Department
Special Deputy Sheriff Walter W. Leonhardt
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1931
Trooper William T. Levinson
Oregon State Police1950
Deputy Samuel J. Lewis
Lake Co. Sheriff's Office1882
Officer Robert Libke
Oregon City Police Department2013
Officer Glenn L. Litzenberg
Portland Police Bureau1918
Officer Roger Lloyd
Independence Police Department2010
Deputy Sheriff Robert Lockwood
Grant Co. Sheriff's Office1888
Deputy Sheriff Ernest C. Loll
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1935
Officer Philip B. Lowd
Oregon State Police1952
Trooper Scott A. Lyons
Oregon State Police1997
Officer John J. McCarthy
Portland Police Bureau1916
Patrol Officer Aubrey E. McCurry
Myrtle Point Police Department1988
Police Reserve Robert B. McMaster
Warrenton Police Department1996
Senior Trooper Maria Mignano
Sergeant Jared J. Miller
Oregon State Police
Marion Co. Sheriff's Office
Superintendent Harry P. Minto
Oregon Department of Corrections1915
Officer Roy E. Mizner
Portland Police Bureau1956
Officer Albert W. Moe
Portland Police Bureau1914
Patrol Matron Alice M. Moran
Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office1971
Deputy Sheriff Edward A. Morrow
Grant Co. Sheriff's Office1982
Officer Robert P. Murray
Portland Police Bureau1962
Trooper Daniel A. Nelson
Oregon State Police1972
Officer Richard F. O'Connor
Oregon State Police1956
Deputy City Marshall Thomas G. O'Connor
Portland Police Bureau1967
Deputy Sheriff Joseph Omlin III
Curry Co. Sheriff's Office1983
Officer Stephen M. Owens
Portland Police Bureau1973
Chief Ralph Painter
Rainier Police Department2011
Officer Jerome Palmer
Portland Police Bureau1920
Officer Pelatt
Warm Springs Indian Reservation Police1903
Officer Earl W. Perkins
Oregon State Traffic Division1922
Correctional Officer Louis S. Perrine
Oregon Department of Corrections1994
Marshal Dale Perry
St. Helens Police Department1924
Special Agent J. H. "Buck" Phillips
Union Pacific Railroad Police Department1921
Deputy Sheriff Robert Phillips
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1917
Officer Stanley D. Pounds
Portland Police Bureau1984
Constable George J. Prescott
Medford Police Department1933
Officer Samuel Prescott
Ashland Police Department1931
Special Agent Glenn H. Price
U. S. Dept. of the Treasury - I.R.S. Prohibition Unit1922
Private Elmer R. Pyle
Oregon State Police1938
Sergeant James D. Rector
Oregon State Police1997
Marine Deputy Thomas E. Rice
Josephine Co. Sheriff's Office2002
Reserve Deputy Sheriff Robert Riley
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1958
Trooper Delmond E. Rondeau
Oregon State Police1947
Deputy Sheriff David R. Sanchez
Lake Co. Sheriff's Office1979
Officer Charles C. Sanders
Oregon State Police1957
Deputy Game Warden Joseph Saunders
Oregon Game Commission1930
Special Deputy Sheriff John G. Saxton
Harney Co. Sheriff's Office1903
Correctional Officer Alvin M. Schmitt
Oregon Department of Corrections1969
Officer Charles F. Schoppe
Portland Police Bureau1874
Sergeant Richard J. Schuening
Oregon State Police1997
Sheriff John R. Shaver
Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office1906
Sergeant James D. Shepherd
Oregon State Police1980
Deputy Sheriff Jimmy L. Shoop
Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office1981
Reserve Officer Russell H. Simpson
Bandon Police Department2003
Sheriff August D. Singler
Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office1913
Officer Walter Slusarczyk
Gresham Police Department1999
Deputy Sheriff Carlton E. Smith
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1965
Trooper Donald E. Smith
Oregon State Police1983
Deputy Sheriff Douglas E. Smith
Sherman Co. Sheriff's Department1978
Special Agent Eldon L. Smith
Union Pacific Railroad Police Department1932
Trooper Leroy H. Spickerman
Oregon State Police1948
Detective Sgt. Ralph H. Stahl
Portland Police Bureau1915
Marshal Mounts Story
Sweet Home Police Department1920
Officer Vernon J. Stroeder
Marshal Zachariah H. Stroud 
Portland Police Bureau
Harney County
Patrolman Gary Sumpter
Toledo Police Department1969
Sergeant Richard C. Swan Sr.
Klamath Falls Police Department1988
Correctional Officer John L. Sweeney
Oregon Department of Corrections1925
Deputy Sheriff Robert L. Talburt
Washington Co. Sheriff's Office1984
Deputy Sheriff Morris L. Taylor
Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office2002
Sheriff Tillman D. Taylor
Umatilla Co. Sheriff's Office1920
Captain Tom Tennant
Woodburn Police Department2008
Deputy Sheriff Patrick A. Tennies
Curry Co. Sheriff's Department1981
Special Deputy Sheriff Ronald H. Terwilliger
Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office1985
Correctional Officer Bailey T. Tiffany
Oregon Department of Corrections1902
Special Agent Grover C. Todd
U. S. Dept. of the Treasury - I.R.S. Prohibition Unit1922
Private Willard A. Tubbs
Oregon State Police1939
Deputy Sheriff Frank W. Twombley
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1918
Officer Curtis A. Van Derson
Creswell Police Department1971
Officer Charles E. Vincent
Portland Police Bureau
Officer Colleen Waibel
Portland Police Bureau1998
Officer Harrison M. Wallace
Newberg Police Department1922
Sergeant Lisa G. Wampole
Coos Co. Sheriff's Office1999
Officer Frank L. Ward
John Day Police Department1992
Sergeant Ira A. Warren
Oregon State Police1938
Trooper Donald T. Welp
Oregon State Police1967
Special Deputy Sheriff Jack West
Harney Co. Sheriff's Office1903
Chief of Police Woodrow W. Whetstone
Junction City Police Department1960
Officer Charles M. White
Portland Police Bureau1934
Officer James R. White
Portland Police Bureau1914
Reserve Deputy Sheriff Mark A. Whitehead
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office1993
Deputy Sheriff Charles R. Wicks
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1937
Sheriff Jack W. Williams
Officer Malcus Williams II
Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office
Ashland Police Department
Deputy Sheriff Raymond Williams
Union Co. Sheriff's Office1980
Sheriff William W. Withers
Lane Co. Sheriff's Office1903
Sergeant James H. Worell
Milwaukie Police Department1953
Officer James D. Wright
Portland Police Bureau1923
Officer Samuel S. Young
Portland Police Bureau
Marshal John Zoller

Gervais Police Department