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Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol

ORWAP consists of several components - all downloadable below. Components include the User's Manual; two Excel spreadsheets (assessment questions and models); four PDF versions of the data forms that users fill out.
ORWAP is used for assessing wetlands for purposes of the state Removal-Fill Law, and is also recommended by the Portland District Corps of Engineers. 
The ORWAP User's Manual provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for using ORWAP. It also includes background information, changes in the refined version, using ORWAP for various purposes, and descriptions of the models. It is essential that anyone applying ORWAP read the manual thoroughly. See below and/or contact DSL for information regarding training in ORWAP. 
ORWAP Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 3.1
This spreadsheet contains a cover page to enter basic information about the assessment, worksheets for entering office and field data, a Scores sheet (scores automatically generated by ORWAP and worksheets detailing the computation of function and value scores). The PDF forms below are user-friendly, formatted versions of the data form worksheets for use in the field. Print and use these PDF versions rather than the worksheets for collecting your data.

Field Data Form T (tidal)   

ORWAP Supplemental Information (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 3.1
This separate spreadsheet contains the FuncDeficit worksheet for answering Office indicator OF15 and has a wealth of information on plant species, rare animal species, invertebrates, and important bird areas. Explore it! 

Technical Supplement: Procedures Used to Refine, Re-calibrate and Test ORWAP version 3.1 This document provides information on the models, weighting and scoring, normalization of scores, and score ratings used in ORWAP v.3.1.

Oregon Explorer ORWAP Map Viewer (cannot be opened with Chrome or Mozilla browsers) The ORWAP map tool provides site-specific mapping and reporting information needed to answer most of ORWAP's office indicator questions. It also allows ORWAP users to upload completed assessments.

Estuary Salinity Maps may be useful in answering salinity indicators.

This document was developed along with ORWAP to provide guidance to applicants, consultants and regulatory staff for using ORWAP for state and federal permit purposes. 

Helpful website tools 

Previous ORWAP versions  

Previously-distributed versions of ORWAP are provided here. The purpose is to allow users to apply an identical ORWAP version to a site that is being assessed over a period of years.  However, if you used version 2.0 and completed data entry, please contact Paul Adamus (see e-mail below) for instructions on pasting answers into the updated version 2.0.2.  This is important due to a couple of cell/formula errors discovered in version 2.0.  Version 2.0.1 was the first version maintained for future use. 

Version 2.0.2

ORWAP Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.2 May 2012
ORWAP Supplemental Information (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.2 June 2012

Version 2.0.1

ORWAP Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.1 
ORWAP Supplemental Information (Excel Spreadsheet) Version 2.0.1 



For more information about ORWAP, contact Paul Adamus

Kathy Verble
Aquatic Resource Specialist
Phone: 503-986-5321

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