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What is the Work Share Program?
Work Share (STC-Short Time Compensation) is a program that offers an alternative to laying off your work force.  It allows you to keep skilled employees during slow times by reducing work hours. Eligible staff whose hours and wages are reduced, receive a portion of their regular unemployment insurance benefits to compensate for the lost wages. 

Laws Related to Work Share 

657.370 - Definitions for ORS 657.370 to 657.390


657.375 - Plan applications; approval by director


657.380 - Eligibility of employees; benefit limitation


657.385 - Method of paying benefits; amount; disqualification; applicability of law to   

shared work plans; rules


657.390 - Reimbursement to Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund of share work benefits paid; use of benefit charges


For additional law information go to: Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

For more specific information related to Work ​S​hare click on this link:​

Work Share ORS. 

Permanent Rulemaking for Shared Work & Benefits
The Oregon Employment Department adopted a new Administrative Rule for the Work Share program, effective August 1, 2016. We received requests from employers, employee participants, and interested parties to provide formalized guidance on program requirements. This Proposed Rule provided that formalized guidance and clearly communicated program requirements to help the agency more effectively and efficiently administer the Work Share program to the public. 

The adoption of this new rule defines the following: 
1) The time frame for when shared work plans can become effective;
2) Authority for employees to use hours from other paid time to meet minimum thresholds to receive shared work benefits (when not missing an opportunity for work);
3) Availability for work requirements during weeks when employees are not eiligible for shared work benefits; and
4) Timeliness requirements for employees receiving shared work benefits to file continued claims.

Below you will find a copy of permanent language of Oregon Administrative Rule 471-030-0079.

471-030-0079 Rule Text.pdf471-030-0079 Rule Text.pdf

The full Administrative Rule and supporting documentation can be found at: Oregon Administrative Rules.​

​Employer Benefits
  • Offers staffing options when times are tough
  • Provides a way to keep valued employees during slow times
  • Helps you avoid expensive re-training 
  • Rewards staff loyalty
  • Keeps your quality and efficency high, even when times are slow
  • Enables you to be better prepared to ramp up when the market does
  • Provides confidential and discreet support for your business and your employees
Employee Benefits
  • ​Helps avoid hardships usually associated with layoffs
  • Unemployment insurance benefits reduce the impact of lost wages
  • No job-hunting requirements as with traditional unemployment insurance claims
  • Benefits stay intact, despite not being employed full-time
  • Reduction in hours, while they need to be available to work for their employer at all times, gives schedule flexibilty

  • Employees must qualify for Oregon unemployment insurance benefits.
  • The plan must cover at least three employees.
  • The normal weekly hours of work and wages are reduced at least 20%, but not more than 40%.
  • Employees under the plan must have worked for you continuously for six months on a full-time basis, or for one year on a part-time basis before you submit the Work Share plan.
  • Work Share plans cannot last more than one year.
  • A worker can receive up to 52 weeks of Work Share benefits under a plan. The Work Share payments a worker receives are deducted from the available maximum benefit amount on their Unemployment Insurance claim. If there is a remaining balance, the worker may be able to draw regular benefits if needed, as long as they are otherwise eligible to receive them.
  • Workers who've used all of their regular benefits or have an Unemployment Insurance claim against another state cannot receive Work Share benefits.
  • Work Share benefits are not paid if the employee works more than the reduced hours that are not within the 20 to 40 percent limitation. It may be possible for a worker to qualify for regular benefits under these circumstances if their earnings are less than their weekly benefit payment amount, and they work less than 40 hours.
  • The employee must be available for work to the Work Share employer.​​

  • Your employer must apply for the program by sending in a written plan to the Oregon Employment Department. Employees can not apply for Work Share. 
  • The employer must select three or more employees with reduced work hours to participate in a Work Share program. Your employer must state that your work hours and wages will be cut by at least 20%, but no more than 40% per week, and that your normal work week is 40 hours or less.  
  • To qualify, each employee must have worked full-time for six months, or part-time for 12 months just before the employer’s Work Share plan was submitted. Weekly claims are submitted by the employer.
  • To learn more about the steps for Work Share enrollment and participation, read our program infographic​
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