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Community College and Workforce Development

​​Oregon Adult High School Diploma Resources

The Oregon Adult High School Diploma (AHSD) provides an opportunity for adults to earn a rigorous diploma equivalent to an Oregon high school diploma through community colleges. The AHSD meets all state graduation requirements as provided in Oregon Administrative Rules and enables students to move toward postsecondary education and credentials.

  Program Manual AHSD 2023-24.pdf​​
  Appendix A - Statement of Assurances
  Appendix B - Essential Skills Requirements
  Appendix C - College and AHSD Courses Standards
  Appendix D - Comparison to OR Content Standards
  Appendix E - Personalized Learning Requirements
  Appendix F - Annual Plan update Cover Letter
  Appendix F1 - Annual Statistical Report
  Appendix G - Program Approval Timeline
  Appendix H - Accountability Timeline
  Appendix I - Oregon Administrative Rule
  Appendix J - Links


​Assessment includes the standardized tests approved by the National Reporting System for identifying skills and measuring the progress of Oregon Adult Basic Skills learners. Assessment is one element of state and program accountability which also includes data collected and used for reporting, performance management, and program improvement.  ​

Oregon Assesment Policy​

​Software Programs for Distance Learning Currently Approved for Use in Oregon

​The following is a list of curriculum and learning management systems that enable programs to track student on-task activity and calculate contact hours accurately (e.g. for assessment purposes) as required by Oregon WIOA Title II policy. Please note that this list is subject to revision and will be updated as appropriate.  If you would like approval to use a different software program for distance learning, please contact​.  

  • ​​Skills Tutor
  • Canvas
  • Blackboard
  • Moodle