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​​​Equity and Student Success

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is committed to improving success and ensuring environments are conducive to optimum learning for all students, with a particular focus on those who are traditionally underserved in higher education. This commitment informs policy decision-making, funding recommendations, ongoing programs as well as special initiatives.​

In its equity initiatives and efforts, the HECC welcomes the involvement and collaboration of campus communities, students and families, community-based organizations, tribal partners, agencies and additional stakeholders to achieve mutual education goals and build lasting relationships to improve the futures of all Oregon students.

Background on Equity and State Goals

Significantly improving equitable educational outcomes is critical to the State of Oregon's two high-reaching educational attainment goals: the 40-40-20 Goal and the Adult Attainment goal.​ To achieve the 40-40-20, Oregon aims to improve and transform educational opportunities so that all young adult Oregonians complete a high school diploma or the equivalent, and signficantly more Oregonians complete a postsecondary credential. To achieve the adult educational goals, Oregon aims to train and educate more adults, particularly underserved populations, to earn over 100,000 new credentials on top of the credentials we expect them to earn by 2030.

Oregon's Equity Lens

The Equity Lens​ was adopted by the HECC in 2014 as a cornerstone to the State’s approach to education policy and budgeting.  The purpose of the Equity Lens is to clearly articulate a shared goal for an equitable education system, to put into place the intentional policies, investments, and systemic changes necessary to reach our goals and to create clear accountability structures to ensure that we are actively making progress and correcting past inequities.​

Th Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Strategic Plan and Framework are anchored by the HECC-adopted Equity Lens​. Equity is one of four goals established by the Commission in its Strategic Framework, as well as Affordability, Student Success, and Economic and Community Impact. Learn more about the Commission's Strategic Plan and Framework here.

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While education outcomes statewide are trending slightly upward, Oregon continues to see significant disparities. Low-income and students of color experience less opportunity and success throughout the education continuum, including higher education. 


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