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Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning

A car comes to a stop at the waterline of a flooded roadThe mission and vision of Oregon's statewide natural hazards mitigation planning program are to create a disaster-resilient state of Oregon such that natural hazard events result in no loss of life, minimal property damage, and limited long-term impacts to the economy. The purpose of Statewide Planning Goal 7 is similarly, to protect people and property from natural hazards.

DLCD helps local governments and tribes implement Goal 7 by identifying and planning for the hazards they are most likely to face. DLCD provides data and other hazard planning information in collaboration with other state and federal agencies. DLCD also helps entities use these resources to develop natural hazards mitigation plans and integrate them with other plans, policies, programs and regulations. In this way, natural hazards mitigation will be considered in decision-making processes and development projects.

What is natural hazard mitigation?

Disasters occur when natural hazard events impact people, property, and the environment. We are unable to predict exactly when natural hazards will occur, or the extent to which they will affect communities. However, with careful planning and collaboration, it is possible to identify and implement actions that will reduce loss when the next disaster strikes. Implementing mitigation actions can also reduce the length of time that essential services are unavailable after a disaster, protect critical facilities, reduce economic hardship, speed recovery, and reduce construction costs.

Natural hazard mitigation is any sustained action taken to reduce or remove the long-term risk to life, property, and the environment from natural hazards. Mitigation is the responsibility of individuals, businesses, industries, non-profits, and all levels of government. It is most effective when implemented under a comprehensive, long-term natural hazards mitigation plan, and integrated into other plans. State, tribal, and local governments engage in hazard mitigation planning to identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters, and develop long-term strategies for protecting people, property, and the environment from future hazard events.


Marian Lahav
NHMP Program Coordinator
Phone: 503-934-0024

Tricia Sears
Natural Hazards Planner
Phone: 503-934-0031

Katherine Daniel
Natural Hazards Planner
Phone: 503-934-0010

Pam Reber
Natural Hazards Planner
Phone: 503-934-0066

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