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Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

Oregon is off track in its work to meet our statutory goals and policy to reduce climate pollution, particularly pollution from transportation. To course correct, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (commission) has updated Oregon's Transportation Planning Rules and related administrative rules. 

Staff are now implementing the rules, including working to provide technical assistance and grant support for local governments. 

Visit the implementation web page to find those resources.

The commission adopted temporary rules at its May 19, 2022 meeting. (Fact sheet about the temporary rules).

The commission adopted permanent rules at its July 21-22 meeting. The department filed those rules August 17, 2022. Find them here:

The commission initiatied rulemaking in September 2020. The rulemaking focused on significantly strengthening Oregon's administrative rules about transportation and housing planning in Oregon's eight urban areas with populations over 50,000 people (Albany, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene/Springfield, Grants Pass, Medford/Ashland, Portland Metro, Salem/Keizer). No significant rule changes will occur for communities outside those areas.

Staff held 12 meetings with a Rulemaking Advisory Committee, focusing on meeting our climate pollution reduction goals while increasing housing choice and creating more equitable outcomes for community members on the ground.

The committee has helped ensure the commission and DLCD hear from a broad group of community members, including representatives from historically marginalized communities and people experienced in equity issues.

Here is a summary of many of the meetings and engagement for this rulemaking.

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A plain language summary of the rules

Secretary of State Filing Notice (Feb 24, 2022)

Rules Topic Summaries

One-Page Summary of the Rulemaking

Climate-Friendly Areas

Transportation Planning Rules Update

Regional Planning for Climate Pollution Reduction

Parking Reform and Electric Vehicle Charging

Video of Commission Work Session Jan 25, 2022 with a rulemaking overview

Anti-Displacement Toolkit (and more background and details)

March 2022 Commission hearing comments, with staff responses

Advisory Committee Meetings

Advisory Committee Members

The Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities rulemaking was advised by a diverse group of over 40 community members, including representatives from priority populations and each of the eight metropolitan areas. See the full membership list here.

Background Materials from DLCD/State of Oregon

Resumen de una página de la elaboración de reglas

Land use and transportation planning and climate pollution (overview)

Governor Brown's Executive Order 20-04 on climate (March 2020)

Rulemaking Charge (Sept 2020)

Rules Advisory Committee Charter (Sept 2020)

July 2020 staff report summarizing DLCD's actions on climate

Every Mile Counts four-agency initiative (ongoing)

September 2020 staff report to LCDC about this rulemaking

July 2020 staff report to LCDC about this rulemaking

October 2020 webinar recording - Introduction to Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

October 2020 webinar presentation – Introduction to Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

Equitable Outcomes Statement for the Rulemaking (Spring 2021)

Green Infrastructure webinar with Dr. Vivek Shandas, Shantae Johnson, Bob Sallinger and Mayor Mark Gamba (May 6, 2021)

Parking Reform and Electric Vehicle Charging rules discussion. Meeting Recording - Meeting Slides (Fall 2021)

Draft Rules, Question & Answer Session (audio only) (Aug 2021)

Community Conversations Fall Presentation (Oct 2021)

Southern Oregon Community Conversation video recording (Oct 2021)

Regional meetings DLCD held with planners, public works staff, and other city and county staff are posted on YouTube (Dec 2021)

DLCD hosted a series of work groups with expert practitioners to review draft rules. Recordings are on YouTube (Dec 2021 and Jan 2022)

Previous staff reports and additional attachments can be found on specific LCDC meeting pages: to the bottom of the page for the table of previous meetings).

RAC 11 Meeting Summary
RAC 11 Key Question Responses


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Transportation Planner
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Kevin Young
Senior Urban Planner
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Rules, Records, & Policy Coordinator
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