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Agritourism allows visitors to experience Oregon agriculture while providing additional income for farmers. The remarkable landscape in Oregon coupled with the unspoiled expanse of our preserved working lands create a backdrop for people to connect with the products, practices, and places that produce our food, commodities, and a way of life that is uniquely Oregon.

Individuals interested in starting or expanding an agritourism business need to consult with their county planning department to determine if permits are required. The types of agritourism activities allowed in exclusive farm use zones are established by the state legislature in statute. Counties adopt ordinances in compliance with the state criteria and may add local requirements.

Agritourism has been defined by Travel Oregon as "any activity that generates supplemental income for working farms and ranches by connecting their resources and products with visitors." Travel Oregon produced the Oregon Agritourism Handbook to help property owners interested in pursuing agritourism activities get preliminary ideas about agritourism business ideas.


Hilary Foote
Farm/Forest Specialist
Phone: 503-934-0622

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