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Guidance for Federal Action Agencies

**This page is written specifically to help federal agencies with the review for federal consistency. If you are seeking a federal permit or license and must go through review, go to the Guidance for Federal Permit Applicants page.

In Oregon, federal agencies implementing an activity in the coastal zone, seeking a federal permit, or issuing a general permit should use the review process outlined on this page. For more detail, please see Subpart C of 15 CFR ยง 930. Federal agencies are responsible for determining whether their activity will have reasonably foreseeable coastal effects.

At least 90 days before the federal activity receives final approval, the federal agency must submit a final consistency determination to DLCD. DLCD has 60 days to review the determination, which includes a 30 day public comment period. DLCD also has 14 days from receipt of the determination to request missing information. Before a Consistency Determination is submitted, DLCD is able to review a draft determination and encourages coordination between DLCD and the applicant as early as possible in case the activity could be modified in order to better align with the Oregon Coastal Management Program's enforceable policies.Federal Action Workflow diagram


Deanna Caracciolo
Coastal State-Federal Relations Coordinator
Phone: 503-934-0026

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