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Guidance for Federal Permit Applicants

It's easy to recognize large projects that will need to be federally permitted. Few are surprised that something like a liquefied natural gas pipeline, an offshore renewable energy facility, or restoration of a port facility will need to be reviewed and permitted by the state and federal agencies. However, it might come as a surprise that something that seems simple, like a homeowner's new dock in the Yaquina Bay, fill to stabilize a bank in Warrenton, or a bridge over a stream to create driveway access to a property, may trigger the need for a federal permit.

People who need to get a federal permit or license (including Section 404/Section 10 permits from the Army Corps of Engineers) in the coastal zone should use the review process outlined on this page. Table 7 of the Ocean Coastal Management Program (OCMP) has a list of the kind of permits that require a review for federal consistency in the coastal zone. If the permit or license is not listed, DLCD may still review the activity associated with the permit request and will provide notice to the federal permitting agency within 30 days of notice of the permit/license application.

Detailed information is available in the federal regulations about activities requiring a Federal License or Permit.

Before a Federal Consistency application is submitted, DLCD is available to review a draft application and provide feedback. DLCD encourages coordination as early as possible in case the proposed project can be modified in order to better align with the program's enforceable policies.

Contact us for help with the federal permitting process.Federal Permit Workflow diagram


Deanna Caracciolo
Coastal State-Federal Relations Coordinator
Phone: 503-934-0026

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