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Coastal Planning Grants

Note: at this time any anticipated awards of new Coastal Planning and some Coastal Technical Assistance Grants are suspended indefinitely. This is due to a funding penalty imposed by the January 30, 2015, EPA and NOAA disapproval of the State of Oregon's coastal nonpoint pollution control program. We recognize that these grants are an integral component of the Oregon Coastal Management Program, and work is underway to find a resolution.

Please check back in the future for updates.

People gather on a hill on Neskowin beachThe Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) assists coastal governments with land use activities related to the coast by providing federal money for plan maintenance, plan amendment, and periodic review. All coastal jurisdictions that have acknowledged comprehensive plans approved for inclusion in the OCMP by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office for Coastal Management are eligible for these federal funds. In 2001, DLCD developed, in coordination and collaboration with coastal local governments, a methodology for allocation, management, and distribution of coastal grant funds. This methodology is based on these components:

  • A base coastal planning grant, with a $3,000 minimum for all small jurisdictions with less than 3,000 persons (calculated using U.S. Census data);
  • Additions to the base coastal planning grant to recognize specific needs and issues faced by local jurisdictions, such as high growth rates, or the amount of shoreline and coastal resource lands;
  • Technical assistance grants for high priority projects and implementation activities associated with the four statewide coastal land use goals.

These grants are awarded by DLCD and managed by the regional representatives who collect, review and verify the forms (located further down this page).

Coastal Technical Assistance Grants

Technical assistance grants support major projects that are "above and beyond" the ongoing, regular plan implementation activities. These special allocations for high priority projects address critical planning needs identified by local planners, state agency resource specialists, and federal agency representatives. Examples of these projects include: GIS information development and mapping for local needs, GIS training and software for planners, riparian habitat inventories, and buildable lands inventories. Applications for special, high priority projects are submitted by local jurisdictions and evaluated by OCMP staff. The grants are executed using the existing DLCD "technical assistance grants" process.

Contact us for more information.

Grant Applications, Forms, and Handbooks

Below are the forms used to apply for a grant, report on a grant, request reimbursement, and forms describing the application procedures. Items may be in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or Microsoft Word (doc) formats. All grants to local governments, agencies and other public entities are processed and administered according to state rules and regulations. Grant programs comply with all applicable state and federal procedures for public notice, advertisement, application, selection, award, reporting and close-out.

  • Technical Assistance - Priority Coastal Resource Management Projects (pdf, doc). Use this form when applying for technical assistance grants.
  • Reimbursement Request (pdf, doc). Use this form for interim as well as closeout payments on all types of coastal grants (i.e., CZM, Technical Assistance).
  • Progress Report(pdf, doc). To be submitted on a schedule identified in the grant agreement. It may or may not be tied to a reimbursement request. This form is for technical assistance grants only. Use the semiannual report form for basic CZM grants.
  • Semi-annual Report (pdf, doc). To be submitted by January 31 and July 31 of the grant year.
  • Project Completion Report (pdf, doc). To be submitted at closeout with any products defined in the grant agreement. This form is for technical assistance grants only. Use the semiannual report form for basic CZM grants.


Lisa Phipps
Oregon Coastal Management Program Manager
Phone: 503-812-5448

Brett Estes
North Coast Regional Representative
Phone: 503-881-0667

Hui Rodomsky
South Coast Regional Representative
Phone: 541-270-3279