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Community Grants

Rusted wigwam burner rises toward deep blue sky splotched with cotton colored cloudsThe Community Services Division offers grants to empower local and tribal governments to improve planning. The grants can pay to update comprehensive plans, modernize land use ordinances, or augment other planning activities. The general fund grant program, administered by the community services division, is funded by the Oregon legislature. Changes to the grant program can arise based on changes in state priorities, the economy, and other factors. In general, the funding follows the state's two-year budget cycle and is part of DLCD's agency budget.

General Fund Grant Program

DLCD's General Fund grants are used primarily for Oregon communities comprehensive planning and plan updates. The fund is divided into functional categories and made available for specific types of projects. The Grants Allocation Plan provides guidance to DLCD for the department's grant allocation decisions within the General Fund grant program. The plan is developed by the Grants Advisory Committee with assistance from DLCD staff. The plan is then approved by the Land Conservation and Development Commission at the beginning of each biennium. The general fund grants must be awarded and spent within the biennium in which the plan is approved.

Priorities listed in the Grants Allocation Plan guide grant awards. Take a look at the plan to see which grant application types are most likely to receive funding.

For additional assistance, please reach out to your designated regional representative. The rep can help you apply for the planning grants, and can also assist you in determining the types of projects that are eligible for funding.

Technical Assistance Grants

The Technical Assistance (TA) grants are competitive awards to local communities that fund projects to update a comprehensive plan, to update local land use ordinances, or other planning compliance projects. The grants must align with the priorities provided in the Grant Allocation Plan.

The following links provide information and application materials for a TA grant:

Applications for a 2019-2021 Technical Assistance grant are due to DLCD by October 1, 2019.

For assistance with preparing a grant application, or for questions about eligible projects, please contact your DLCD regional representative.


Grant Young Memorial Planning Assistance Grants

These grants are limited awards given to small cities with less than 2,500 people, and counties with less than 15,000. The community services division alerts local governments when they qualify for an award. No application is needed. Unused funds, if any, may be moved to other grant programs.

Columbia River Gorge Grants

These grants are available for Hood River, Wasco and Multnomah counties only, to aid planning activities specifically linked to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Plan.

Periodic Review Grants

This grant program awards communities with funds to complete tasks associated with their periodic review work program. The work program must have been started in the last 7 years (since 2007). The awards are not competitive, but an application is required. Contact a DLCD Regional Representative for details about application requirements and schedule/deadlines.

Dispute Resolution Grants

The Dispute Resolution grants are dedicated funds to help parties in land use and planning disputes before the Land Use Board of Appeals. This grant program is administered by the Oregon Consensus program at Portland State University. The total amount awarded for this program for 2017-2019 is $20,000.

For more information about these mediation services, please visit the Oregon Consensus website.

Other Grant Programs at DLCD

The Transportation and Growth Management Program and the Oregon Coastal Management Program also administer grant programs for Oregon communities. Both grant programs fund land use planning projects and are dependent on state and federal funds. Go to the program webpages linked below to learn more.

Transportation and Growth Management – Transportation Grants
Oregon Coastal Management Program – Coastal Grants

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Gordon Howard
Community Services Division Manager
Phone: 503-934-0034

DLCD Regional Representatives
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