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Public Notice and Comment Opportunities

Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) provides the public the opportunity to comment on federal actions, federal permits/licenses, and during planning efforts for ocean, estuarine, and shoreland resources.

The program also conducts outreach to stakeholders via a wide variety of low-traffic listservs. If you would like to stay informed via email notifications, please click on the listserv of interest to sign up:

Comment opportunities below are organized by category. There may be opportunities to comment on related topics/processes that are managed by other state agencies. To comment on these opportunities, please visit the relevant web pages of our state program partners.

Open Public Comment Opportunities

Territorial Sea Plan Part 3: Rocky Shores Management Strategy

The states guiding framework for managing rocky habitat resources is being updated. Originally adopted in 1994, this strategy update will have many opportunities for public comment.

  • Rocky Habitat Public Comment Schedule - The Oregon Coastal Management Program will be hosting several public meetings during the 30-day public comment period for the updated Rocky Habitat Management Strategy

    The meetings will provide background information and updates to the ongoing process to revise Part Three of Oregon's Territorial Sea Plan. Meetings will also feature demonstrations of the Rocky Habitat Web Mapping Tool along with guidance on the process for proposing changes to rocky habitat site management designations. 

    All members of the public are invited and welcome to attend these meetings. For more information please see the announcement or visit

    All public comments may be submitted to:

    For questions, please contact, phone: 503-934-0623​

  • Working Group Meetings – The Rocky Shores Working Group is a sub-committee of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) and meets as needed to draft, discuss, and guide this update process. All meetings are open to the public and offer time for public comment. Remote connection opportunities are also available for most meetings. View the working group meeting schedule here.
  • Ocean Policy Advisory Council Meetings – The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) is the legislatively mandated ocean policy advisory body to the governor and the body responsible for leading the amendment of the Rocky Shores Management Strategy. All meetings are open to the public and offer time for public comment. View upcoming OPAC Meetings here.
  • Public Scoping Periods – There are multiple public scoping periods scheduled throughout the update process when public comments and input will be gathered on particular topics and materials. View summaries of past public scoping periods and learn how to participate here.

The State of Oregon invites all individuals, organizations, and governments to participate in this process so that all voices are heard!

Closed Public Comment Periods

None currently.

Federal Consistency Public Comment Reviews

The following table outlines permit applications currently open to public comment in relation to permit applications currently undergoing DLCD's federal consistency review with the Oregon Coastal Management Program. Please see the documents and links below for detailed information about the proposed project. Comments must be received no later than 30 days from the start date of the public comment period, and must be submitted via email to, or mailed directly to the Coastal Management Program-DLCD, 635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150, Salem, OR 97301-2540.

Open Public Comment Opportunities

Closed Public Comment Opportunities

The comment opportunity for these projects is now closed. The table below outlines projects which were out for public comment within the last calendar year.


For Ocean Planning:
Andy Lanier
Marine Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 503-206-2291

For Tsunami and Shoreland Planning:
Meg Reed

Coastal Shores Specialist
Phone: 541-514-0091

For Federal Consistency:
Jeff Burright
Coastal State-Federal Relations Coordinator
Phone: 503-991-8479