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Modern Transportation System Priority

biccycle commuterA modern transportation system ensures all Oregonians can travel safely and efficiently. Focusing on preserving state highways, while important, is not enough. In order to meet the needs of the future, we must be relentlessly committed to creating a truly multimodal transportation system where we invest in and integrate all major modes of transportation. 

We will focus not only on improving safety and preserving the existing system, but on improving mobility for all users, addressing climate change, investing in innovative technologies, and implementing a comprehensive congestion management plan to keep Oregonians and our economy moving.

Our Overall Goal: 

Build, maintain and operate a modern, multimodal transportation system to serve all Oregonians, address climate change and help Oregon communities and economies thrive.


Eugene transit center​Preserve, maintain, and operate Oregon’s multimodal transportation system and achieve a cleaner environment.

Incident responder​Preve​nt traffic fatalities and serious injuries and ensure the safety of system users and transportation workers.​

Measuring curbs on a sidewalk​Provide greater transportation access and a broader range of mobility options for Oregonians while addressing climate change.​

Traffic crossing I-5 bridge​Invest in a comprehensive congestion management strategy for the Portland metropolitan region to benefit all Oregonians. Implement system and operational innovations to reduce traffic congestion throughout Oregon.​

Project manager and crew​Develop prac​tical solutions to transportation problems in order to address community needs and ensure system reliability and resiliency.​

Employee working at a computer​Invest in and integrate technologies to improve transportation services and op​erations throughout Oregon.​

Visit our outcomes page to see progress on action towards this goal.