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Region 3 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, known as the STIP, is Oregon’s four-year transportation capital improvement program. This program identifies funding and scheduling of transportation projects and programs.

It includes projects on federal, state, city, and county transportation systems, multimodal projects (highway, passenger rail, freight, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian), and projects in the National Parks, National Forests, and Indian tribal lands.

Douglas, Coos & Curry Counties

The 2018-21 Draft STIP for Southwest Oregon includes 46 projects in Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties. Several local projects are included.

The Draft STIP information sheet provides a brief summary of each proposed project. All projects listed on the information sheet include name, location (mile point and county), description, work type, total cost, applicant and key number. All cost figures are preliminary estimates.

Separate information sheets are available for the two Enhance Projects under consideration: U.S. 101: Parkview Dr. to Easy St. Sidewalks in Brookings, and the Curry County Transit Vehicle Replacement proposal.

Douglas, Coos and Curry Counties STIP Project Map

Jackson & Josephine Counties

Jackson and Josephine Counties STIP Project Map

Rogue Valley Projects for 2018-21 STIP

​3. U.S. 199: OR 99-Applegate River: MP -69 to 6.92 between Grants Pass and Applegate River Bridge. Grind out existing pavement and replace with new asphalt, (Josephine) 2019, $7.360M
US 199: OR 99 – Applegate River Bridge Information Sheet.pdf
4. OR 140: Bear Creek-Agate Road: MP-6.7 to -1.16, Repair roadway and overlay existing pavement, (Jackson) 2019, $4.92M
Oregon 140: Bear Creek-Agate Road Information Sheet.pdf
5. OR 140: Avenue G-OR62 Paving: (shelf project), structural overlay and deep base repair. Repair failed road base areas and provide new wearing surface. Project must include striping and pavement markers and other 3R requirements.

1. OR 99: Birch Street to Coleman Creek Culvert: (Jackson) – Replace box culvert, add sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, install transit signal prioritization on OR 99 – Ashland to Central Point, (Jackson) 2020, $7.6 M
Oregon 99: Coleman Creek to Birch St. Information Sheet.pdf99: Coleman Creek to Birch St. Information Sheet.pdf
2. Josephine Community Transit Station – Phase 1: Phase I site work for transit station (Josephine) 2020, $589K
Josephine Co. Transit Station Phase I Information Sheet.pdf

​6. I-5: NB Rogue River (Homestead) Bridge: Repair deck expansion joints; repair and overlay the deck. Repair concrete girders,(Jackson) 2019, $1.327M

​7. I-5: Siskiyou Pass Variable Advisory Speed Signs: Install a variable advisory speed sign for northbound I-5 traffic between MP 4.5 and 9.2, (Jackson) 2019, $6.59M
8. Region 3 VMS Upgrades: Upgrade or construct VMS signs at the following locations: I-5: MPs 28, 29.5, 36, 105; OR 62 MP 14. (Jackson and Douglas) 2021, $2.19M

​9. OR 99: I-5 to Scenic Ave.: MP .42 to 1.64, Convert 4 lane roadway to 3 lane roadway with center turn lane, add traffic signal, (Jackson) 2020, $3.62M
10. OR 99: Ashland Pedestrian Upgrades: Add street lighting at Lithia/3rd and Siskiyou/Morton. Install traffic signal at Main/Water Streets. Add pedestrian signs and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at Siskiyou and Tolman Creek Rd. 2020.
11. U.S. 199: MP 25 to Kerby: MP 26.64 to 26.91, Widen highway shoulders, (Josephine) 2020, $571K
12. I-5: Siskiyou Pass Variable Advisory Speed signs, MP 5-12, Install weather responsive variable speed system for I-5 Siskiyou mountain pass, (Jackson) 2019, $1.8M (Combined into one project – see #7)
13. OR 140: Atlantic Ave. intersection improvements: Construct a roundabout and raised median to improve safety at new intersection, (Jackson) 2019, $2.2M
Oregon 140 @ Atlantic Ave. Roundabout Information Sheet.pdf
14. Josephine County Safety Improvements: various, install centerline rumble strips, curve warning signs and chevrons, recessed pavement markers and replace striping on OR 260, Lower River Road, MP 1.3 - 22.24. Install curve warning signs and chevrons on OR 99, Rogue River Highway, MP 0-14.95 (Josephine) 2019, $827K
Josephine Co. Safety Improvements Information Sheet.pdf
15. Medford Signalized Intersection Improvements: various, improve signal hardware, flatten horizontal curve, and convert 4 lane roadway to 3 lane roadway with center turn lane, (Jackson) 2019, $736K
16. Jackson Co. Road Delineation, various, install delineators on Dead Indian Memorial Road, Butte Falls Road and East Evans Creek Rd., 2019, (Jackson) $177K
17. West Valley View Road Multimodal Safety Upgrade: Talent (Jackson) 2019, $537K
18. OR 238 @ West Main Street Roundabout: Install a roundabout and associated medians. (Jackson) 2021, $3.8M
19. OR 234: Gold Hill - Sams Valley Intersection: Increase sign distance, improve add pavement markings and signs, provide flashing beacons on OR 234 MP 10.7 and 12.6. Install lighting and increase sight distance on I-5 MP 40.9, (Jackson) 2021, $674K
20. Freeman Road @ Pine St. Intersection (Central Point), Improve drainage and install raised island, enhance striping to include bike lane. (Jackson) 2019, $121K
21. Azalea Drive and Robertson Bridge Rd., install triangle sight distance, improve intersection warning signs and install RRFB, (Josephine) 2019, $186K


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