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A New Way of Doing Business

The Oregon Department of Transportation is moving to a "paperless" way of conducting construction projects to align with Federal Highway Administration initiatives and industry best practices.

e-Construction at ODOT

The Construction section of the Oregon Department of Transportation is achieving what seemed impossible…the collection, review, approval and distribution of highway construction contract documents in a paperless environment. We are conducting business to align with Federal Highway Administration initiatives and industry best practices.

Through the e-Construction program, we have increased the efficiency of our construction staff. We are streamlining communications with our internal and external partners through the automation of document processing using digital technology. There are 3 parts to this program.

  • Document management system
    We chose Doc Express®, a cloud-based program accessible on any device with any browser connected to the internet. Internal ODOT and consultants as well as external contractors are able to upload documents for review to specific contracts. Electronic and digital signatures warrant traceable workflows from Submitted to Published for each document in a detailed audit trail. Comments and supporting documents may be included at each step. Read only views can be added for subcontractors and vendors as needed. Discover details in the links below. If you would like to be trained on Doc Express, contact the e-Construction System Administrators.
  • Mobile field tools 
    After several different tablet trials, iPads were determined to be the best fit for our ODOT staff in the Resident Engineer Construction offices. Lightweight and durable, the iPads can be used in the field by the user to upload documents into Doc Express and data into AASHTOWare Project. Inspectors are able to access manuals, specifications and documents while working on the projects. This ensures that the documentation is added at the site and reduces extra time spent transcribing information back at the office. For internal ODOT staff, additional links are listed below to assist with iPad usage. Contact the e-Construction System Administrators with any specific questions.
  • Data management system 
    For our data management, we selected AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials™ and Civil Rights & Labor. This is a powerful database system used by a majority of state transportation departments throughout the U.S. It was a natural fit for us as ODOT already uses other AWP modules. By adding these two modules to the existing AWP modules, Estimation and Pre-Construction, a unified database will be created for ODOT to leverage data throughout the project lifecycle. By entering project data from quality, quantity, testing, inspection, payments and more, amazing reports and statistics help us make decisions that are more informed for our future projects based on our experience. The information can be uploaded by internal and external users. Program details are listed in the links below. If you need access or training on Doc Express, contact the e-Construction System Administrators.

Contact the Construction Section

800 Airport Road
Salem, Oregon 97301
Fax: 503-986-3096

Program Contacts

e-Construction email

Vanessa Baker, PMP - Lead e-Construction Program Analyst

Donna Ferry - e-Construction Program Analyst

Sue Herring - e-Construction Program Analyst