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Stormwater Facility Information

ODOT's stormwater management facilities (SMF) inventory is available through TransGIS, an online, GIS program available to everyone. 

Accessing the Stormwater Features Inventory 

To view available information on a specific SMF, follow the steps below. 

  • Access TransGIS
  • From the "Layer Category" menu on the left, click the drop-down menu for "Drainage" and check the box for the desired layer.
  • Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the menu.
    • Note that the UIC layer is for informational purposes only. All information obtained from this layer should be field-verified before use in the design process.
  • To view facility information, and links to the SMF O&M manual and applicable maintenance tables, click the "i" icon and select the facility point on the map.

Accessing the Outfall Inventory 

ODOT is in the process of reformatting collected outfall location information for posting on TransGIS. The outfall inventory is focused specifically on outfalls located within MS4 permit areas because Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has identified these areas as high risk for stormwater impacts to receiving waters. Over 600 stormwater outfalls have been inventoried within MS4 boundaries and are shown in the map files.

Requesting a DFI Number 

All new stormwater management facilities must be assigned a drainage facility ID (DFI) number in order to be added to the SMF Inventory. To request a DFI number for a facility that will be installed in an upcoming project, or a newly discovered facility, complete the DFI Request Form and email it to the senior stormwater hydraulic engineer. For more details on DFI numbers and the request process, refer to GE16-02(B) and Chapter 17 of the Hydraulics Manual.