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Design Resources

Hydraulic Design ManualHydraulic Design Manual

Policies, practices and guidance used by ODOT

Quality Control & Assurance Checklist Icon Quality Control & Assurance

Written guidance for technical direction and design on ODOT projects

Specifications & Special Provisions Gears Icon

Specifications & Special Provisions

Methods, material, and equipment used in contruction contracts

Design Drawings IconDesign Drawings

Standard Drawings and Standard Detail Drawings

Technical Guidance Icon

Technical Guidance

Written guidance for technical direction and design on ODOT projects

​Visit FHWA's website​ for resources related to hydraulic engineering, including:

  • Overarching guidance documents and policies.
  • Hydraulic design circulars.
  • Hydraulic design series.


​FHWA-approved software programs available for use​ in the design of ODOT projects. Where provided, companion resources are also shown.

FHWA Hydraulics Software Library​

  • Hydrologic Engineering Center's River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) - One-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis
  • ​​Surface-Water Modeling System (SMS) - Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis
  • HY-8 Culvert Hydraulic Analysis & Design
  • FHWA Hydraulic Toolbox
  • Watershed Modeling System (WMS)​

​FEMA's Flood Map Service Center provides flood hazard information and maps​.

​Use these forms during the project design process to request approval of hydraulic design deviations and track hydraulic milestones.