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Quality Best Practices

QA and QC

Quality control activities focus on the deliverable.

QC activities take place in every project as staff develops each deliverable.

QC reviewers have proven qualifications for the role. They have equal or greater competency than the person preparing the deliverable.

Each technical team has a statewide quality plan with specific guidance for its discipline.

ODOT region quality plans complement the discipline and statewide quality plans.

The Project Delivery Quality Program Manual provides an overview of the Project Delivery QA/QC Program.

​Quality assurance focuses on the process.

QA reviews assess how well we execute quality control. It spurs continuous improvement by looking for opportunities to improve processes and tools.

QA reviews provide feedback about what works well and what needs improvement.


The quality verification process:
  • Ensure deliverables are technically sufficient.
  • Verify performance of all quality tasks.
  • Assess whether documentation of quality tasks is adequate.

Reviewing a deliverable for technical sufficiency includes verifying compliance with applicable requirements suitable for a given milestone. 

ODOT uses an initial check of key requirements to determine whether the deliverable warrants additional review.

QA/QC Best Practices

All project delivery disciplines require professional certification, applicable to the discipline.

Reviewers have equal or greater competency than the person who prepared the deliverable.

Project team members are encouraged to freely communicate throughout the life of the project in order to assure a high level of service and quality, and reduce significant amounts of rework, errors, or omissions.

Encourage frequent communication; any specified communication requirements are a minimum.

Reviewers and designers discuss and review comments as a learning opportunity.

Share lessons learned through the project development process and construction to support continuous improvement.​


The Project Delivery Quality Program recognize peer reviews as an opportunity for knowledge transfer, professional growth, and a means to strengthen core competencies within the agency.

Collaboration helps expand our knowledge, building engineering and technical discipline expertise.

​ODOT Project Delivery will provide follow through on quality by:
  • Completing quality assurance reviews.
  • Sharing lessons learned, from the project development process and from construction.
  • Monitoring quality performance measures.​

Contact the Project Delivery QA/QC Program

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, MS4
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-5875

Program Contact

Phone: 503-986-7130

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