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Workday Learning Support

The Oregon Department of Transportation uses Workday as our learning management system. This means we use it to enroll in in-person or virtual courses, to complete online training, and to manage training requirements and completions.

Extended Enterprise Learners

All ODOT partners and customers must create an Extended Enterprise Learner Workday account to access ODOT training.

Access the Extended Enterprise Learner Resources webpage to:

  • Create an Extended Enterprise Learner Workday account
  • Switch your affiliation so you can access learning within our agency
  • Reset your Extended Enterprise Learner password
You will be taken to the Department of Administrative Services website.

Workday Learning Self-Help Guides

Access the Workday Learning Instructions for All Users webpage to learn how to:

  • Create an account
  • Reset your password
  • Enroll in learning
  • Drop enrollment
  • Review transcripts and completed certifications
You will be taken to the Department of Administrative Services website.

Frequently Asked Questions

​ODOT Employees and Contingent Workers

Contact ODOT Workday Support for password reset help.

External Learners/ODOT Partners and Customers

Use the Workday Learning instructions for all users webpage for help with the Extended Enterprise Learner (EEL) password reset self-serve process.​

If the self-serve password reset does not work, contact the ODOT training unit you are working with for a password reset.

Email ODOT Construction Training​

Email ODOT Engineerin​g Tr​aining

​Navigate to the Learning page in Workday and click on Add Self-Reported Training in the Learning History section.

Image of Learning History webpage menu items in Workday

ODOT Employees and Contingent Workers

iLearn course completions are located in LRN | My Learning and Training Completion Report in the Learning History section on the Learning page.

Image of Learning History menu items in Workday webpage

External Learners/ODOT Partners and Customers

  • If you downloaded your iLearn transcript, you will need to add relevant training as Self-Reported Training to your Workday Learner account.
  • If you did not download your transcript, you will need to complete an iLearn Transcript Request on the DAS Workday Learning support page.

DAS Workday Learning support page​

​If a content title has "RETIRED" at the end, that means that the content is no longer available and has been archived in the system. Content is most often RETIRED when it will no longer be offered.

​All learners will get Workday Learning enrollment reminder emails and system notifications 30 days, 14 days, and 3 days before the learning event.​​

​If a blended/classroom/virtual course does not have an upcoming offering (date and time) for enrollment, then it will not appear in learner search results.

​If your training video is stuck on the loading screen or has loaded and keeps stopping and starting or stalling, this is an internet bandwidth issue. 

​​Close down all other applications on your computer, including Teams and Outlook, and only have the browser window open with the training and try again. Restarting and refreshing your computer may also help.​

​​Workday will log you out after 15 minutes, including when you are viewing training modules. This is a standard Workday function and cannot be changed. If you complete the training in the pop-up window that is still open, that training completion will still show on your Transcript.

You can​ try to avoid this by clicking or scrolling in the main browser window while completing the training in the pop-up window.​

  1. ​Click on the course Enroll button, and the system will send you an email with a payment link.

  2. Click on the payment link to complete payment or forward it to the person who will.

  3. Enter billing information and click on the Confirm Billing Information button. A screen to enter credit card information will pop up.

  4. Fill in credit card information and click on the Pay button.​
  • Whoever completes payment for the course will get an email receipt.

  • If you lose the original email with the payment link, you can find the same message and link in your Workday Notifications (bell icon in upper right).​


Login to Workday

Training at ODOT

Workday Support

Extended Enterprise Learners may contact the ODOT training support group(s) listed below. If you don't see a group that applies to your training, then contact ODOT Workday Learning Support.

ODOT Training Support

ODOT Construction Training

ODOT Engineering and Technology Training


ODOT Procurement Training

ODOT Staff

Visit the Dash for Workday Learning support