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Asset Management: Memos, Info, and Forms

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Program Compliance memos, information, and additional forms are provided below: 

​OHCS Rent Increase Procedure Memo 2018 - NEW Procedure
HSC Rent Increase Policy- NEW
​​Rent Procedure Comparison by Program - NEW
OHCS Rent Increase Policy FAQ​ - NEW​
​OHCS HOME Unit Mix Memo 2018 - Maintaining Unit Mix Requirements
OHCS U/A  Memorandum 2013 -  Utility Allowance Calculation Methods
HUD Memorandum 2014 - Use of Marijuana in Affordable Housing
HUD Memorandum 2016 - Passbook Rate
HUD VAWA Final Rule Guidance -2017
Presidential Declared Disasters - Maintaining Compliance
AFHMP Program Compliance Memo​ - 2018
​AFHMP Guide - NEW 4/2018
AFHMP Census Data Guide - NEW 4/2018
New Account Se​​tup - Google 
File Sharing - Google
File Prep  - Electronic File Prep Guide​​
OHCS ​Ratings - Compliance Review UPDATED 5/2018
OHCS Ratings - Physical Inspection UPDATED 5/2018
Fair Housing Trainings - Link to HUD Fair Housing Website
Compliance Manual - Mobile Home Parks Preservation
4350.3 Handbook, 2013 - HUD Handbook
4550.3 Summary Factsheet, 2013
Oregon Minimum Wage
Website - Social Security COLA
Contact List OHCS Approved Utility Allowance Calculators

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) Form​​​ - AFHMP 935.2A
Displaced Household Certification​ - Presidential Declared Disaster Form
HUD-5380 Notice of Occupancy Rights​​ - NEW VAWA Form
​​HUD-5382 Certification- NEW VAWA Form
VAWA Lease Addendum - HUD Form 91067
​Casualty Loss Report​ - Updated 2017
OAHTC Calculation Worksheet​​ - NEW!
Management Agent Packet​ - Updated 2017
Management Review Questionnaire
Property Contact Information Form​
Resident Services Plan Report
​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​