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Project-based Section 8

The HUD Contract Administration Section (HCA) serves the state of Oregon as the Performance-Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for project-based Section 8 housing. Each Section 8 project has a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract which provides the project-based subsidy.

HCA performs contract administration activities for approximately 260 contracts in HUD Section 8 properties in Oregon. We also provide technical support to owners, managing agents, site staff, and residents. In addition, we help provide information to persons seeking housing, who might already be living in Section 8 housing, or who may be experiencing housing problems.

For Section 8 projects with an active OHCS loan (coupled with the original HAP contract), the team performs asset management functions as a separate activity in coordination with the Asset Management section.

Resources for Property Owners

Health and safety resources are provided in a variety of languages.

Health and Safety HUD posters are here​.

TRACS 203A Presentation - July 11, 2017
Recording: TRACS 203A Presentation - July 11, 2017,

TRACS 203A Calculations for Repayments Only
TRACS MAT Guide Chapter 6, Section 7: Repayment Agreements
TRACS 203A Industry Specification​
​TRACS Documents: Guides, Rules, FAQ's, Forms, etc.

202D MAT User Guides, Spreadsheets
MAT User Guide​​​​
Calculating tenant rent​
Imputed income proration
Certification data entry
Utility Allowances (UA)

UA Policy, 2015​

​Frequently Asked Questions​
Budget-Based Rent Adjustment Documents

Reserve for Replacement Analysis 20 year

Reserve for Replacement Analysis 5 year

Certification of Tenant Comment Procedure​

Certification of Purchasing Practices 

Notice to Tenant of Proposed Rent Increase​ ​
The Special Claim process is an opportunity for owners to be reimbursed for financial loss when a tenant vacates a unit. Claims may be submitted to help cover the costs of vacancy loss, damages, and unpaid rent. Use the links above to access guidance to prepare a special claim for submission.

OHCS is now able to accept Special Claims with signatures by email. OHCS has set up a direct email address to send ALL Special Claims. From this email box your HAP Specialist will review your claim. However, because of the PII information in the Special Claim packets Social Security Numbers and Birth Dates of all household members MUST be redacted before submitting a Special Claim.

Below is the email address:

Special Claim​s Processing Guide HSG-06-01​

4350.3 REV 1 Change 4, Chapter 4 Waiting list

Special Claims Rounding - TRACS 202D
Contract Renewals and Rent Adjustments

Matthew Perry

Quality Assurance Advisor


Jimmy Oporta

HCA Compliance Officer


Housing Assistance Payments and Special Claims

Laura Schmidt

Rental Assistance Analyst


Anna Snegireff

HAP Specialist


Connie Babcock

HAP Specialist


Management & Occupancy Reviews (MOR)

Sara Carrillo

Lead HCA Compliance Officer


Angelica Nuno

HCA Compliance Officer


Rosalee Jurado

HCA Compliance Officer


Tenant Concerns and MOR

Eva Luna

HCA Compliance Analyst


Program Administration

James Hackett

HCA Manager


Christie Kraemer

HCA Office Specialist


Tenant Issues/Concerns
1-800-453-5511, Option 4
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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