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Advisories and Guidance

The Portfolio Administration Section keeps property owners and managers advised of new information through technical advisories and other program compliance resources. Resources below include detailed information, instruction and guidance by categories listed below

​ ​Management Agent Packet​​​​

​The Management Agent Packet is required for approval of property managers of OHCS funded properties. 

The packet also applies to requests for the initial approval processing during development and any subsequent proposed changes in management or ownership of an OHCS funded Property.​

2023 Certification of Continuing Program Compliance documents are due February 28, 2024  ​

What are CCPCs?

Annual Certification forms and other documentation that must be completed and submitted by the Owner/Agent for each OHCS-funded program provided to an owner for the property.

When are CCPCs due?

All fully completed CCPCs for each property are due no later than the end of February for each year. This year, the deadline is Wednesday, Febraury 28. 

Where are the CCPC forms?
The CCPC Completion Guide and all 2023 CCPC forms are located within the CCPC-2023 folder inside each property Procorem Workcenter. 

What is Procorem?
Procorem is the secure file sharing system used by OHCS. It is used for sending the annual reporting CCPC forms to our partners and for our partners to return their completed annual reporting forms and supporting documentation to OHCS.

If you are unsure if you have a Procorem account with access to your property Workcenters, or have had staff changes, please contact OHCS at ​

How do we submit CCPCs?
Each of the annual reporting certification forms are updated for the current certification period by the end of the year. The HOME Monitoring Report, HTF Monitoring Report, Elderly Bond Monitoring Report, OHCS Initial Certification Spreadsheet, and the OAHTC Calculation Worksheet must be submitted in EXCEL FORMAT. Please review the CCPC Completion Guide included in the Workcenter.

There is a Workcenter set up in Procorem for each property. Owner/Agent contacts have been established as collaborators in each of these Workcenters.

All annual Certification forms and other documents needed for annual reporting are in each property Workcenter. Download forms specific to each property in each Workcenter. Then, complete the required Certifications and attachments and upload them back into the same folder inside each Workcenter.

Tenant Events
Submission of Tenant Events is required for all properties funded with LIHTC, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (TCAP & Section 1602 Exchange), OHCS HOME, National HTF, LIFT-Rental, Risk Share or any combination thereof.

The complete submission of all Tenant Events that occurred at each property during the certification period is due with the Owner’s Annual Reporting (CCPCs).

If you have any questions about the CCPC and/or Tenant Events submission process, please contact OHCS by email at:​

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
Starting with the 2024 CCPC submission, all properties are required to submit a copy of their VAWA policy; a copy must also be kept within your Administrative Notebook for future reference. For CCPC submissions starting in 2025 and beyond, you will only be required to submit your VAWA policy if it is your first-year reporting, or you have updated your previous VAWA policy submission. Refer to the CCPC Completion Guide in your Procorem Workcenter for more details.​


For Compliance and
Asset Management Questions,
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