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OHCS role in Oregon Housing Needs Analysis

The Oregon Housing Needs Analysis (OHNA) is a methodology for estimating regional housing needs in Oregon in a way that examines existing housing stock, establishes a housing shortage analysis, and estimates needed housing units for the next twenty years.

A pilot methodology was created in 2020 and a report offering recommendations on to implement the OHNA was created in partnership with the state’s Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) in 2022. The OHNA methodology will be run by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), while implementation and rulemaking is being led by DLCD. OHCS is responsible for creating the Housing Production Dashboard and the Equity Indicators Dashboard.

Creating the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis (2019-2020)

The Oregon Housing Needs Analysis (OHNA) system began in 2019, when the Oregon Legislature passed HB 2003 to help Oregon address our housing supply needs and housing planning process, while providing local jurisdictions with the resources they need to accommodate future growth.

An initial report was published in 2020 with a proposed methodology for regional housing needs analyses and recommendations about how that need should be allocated to cities with a population above 10,000.

Regional Housing Needs Analysis technical report – August 2020

Companion to RHNA technical report – February 2021

Implementing a Regional Housing Needs Analysis – March 2021

Implementing the OHNA, 2021 - 2023

In 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 5006, which directed DLCD and OHCS to develop a set of recommendations, in coordination with ECONW, on how the regional housing needs analysis should be implemented. During this time, this system was renamed the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis to better demonstrate how local jurisdictions can modernize and plan for more affordable, fair, and equitable housing production.

OHNA Legislative Recommendations Report –December 2022

In 2023, the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis was updated by HB 2001, with the goal of furthering affordable housing production in Oregon that creates more housing choice and affirmatively furthers fair housing. Today, the OHNA is the cornerstone of the housing planning system and will provide an estimate of housing need by income for cities with a population above 10,000.

Tracking production for the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis, 2024

Beginning in January 2024, OHCS and DLCD have partnered with ECONW to put the OHNA into practice. This administration includes updating the methodology for estimating need, allocating needed housing to cities with populations over 10,000 and setting production goals for each city.

OHCS will be responsible for creating and annually updating a housing production dashboard for cities to track their goals and progress. OHCS is also responsible for creating and maintaining a dashboard for equity indicators which will allow cities track housing need for households of all types, including age, race and ethnicity, income level, and accessibility.

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May 20, 2024 from 3-4:30 p.m.

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Additional things to look forward to in 2024 from OHCS:

  • Technical Advisory Group to discuss the equity indicators in summer 2024
  • The OHCS rulemaking process, which outlines how we will publish and report on the dashboards we are required to update on an annual basis

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For information on Statewide Planning Goal 10: Housing or the housing planning system, visit Department of Land Conservation and Development’s webpage for these subjects:

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  • Affordable housing on public lands and next to places of worship
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