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Housing Rulemaking

The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) is the rulemaking body on state land use planning. After a statute is passed by legislature regarding land use planning, it is handed to LCDC to form the rules associated with this law to help increase understanding and compliance with state law. Most laws about where housing can be built fall under the category of land use planning, which means the LCDC is a housing rulemaking authority. Rulemaking activities conducted by the agency include advisory committees and community engagement. 

For more information about LCDC rulemaking, please refer to the Land Conservation and Development Rulemaking page. 

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House Bill 2001 Rulemaking

House Bill 2001 (2023) directs the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) to adopt and amend rules related to housing and urbanization, Land Use Planning Goals 10 and 14. The goal of this rulemaking is to implement the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis (OHNA) Program which redirects the implementation of Goal 10 towards a more comprehensive framework. The OHNA emphasizes the role of local actions in promoting housing production, affordability, and choice. The legislation allocates funding to DLCD to engage in a rulemaking process which will wrap up by January 1, 2026. 

LCDC is directed by House Bill 2001 (2023) to adopt rules in three major subject areas: 

  1. Housing Needs and Production (read moreDefining Needed Housing in the OHNA)
  2. Housing Capacity and Urbanization
  3. Housing Accountability Framework (read more: Operationalizing the Housing Acceleration Program in the OHNA
Learn more about the OHNA through the following resources: 

Advisory Committee Meetings and Materials

DLCD is convening a Rulemaking Advisory Committee and a series of Technical Advisory Committees through 2024 and 2025. Agendas and meeting materials as well as recordings and livestreams for each committee will be posted in the tables below.

View a full summary of all committee meetings scheduled in 2024

Rulemaking Advisory Committee Membership

OHNA Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meetings

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Housing Needs and Production TAC

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Housing Capacity and Urbanization TAC

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Housing Accountability and Framework TAC

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Public Comments Received

Interested parties can submit written comments via email to at any time. Public comments DLCD receives will be regularly posted in the table below.


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