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Becoming a Liquor Store Operator

The Process
When an existing liquor store operator resigns, or when the OLCC has researched an area of the state and will be establishing a new liquor store, an opening is created to become an independent contractor for the OLCC.
Liquor store operators and store personnel are part of a small business operation and are not state employees.
When an opening for a liquor store operator occurs the Commission advertises to fill the vacancy. The Commission may use a variety of methods to advertise, i.e. internet postings, other online media, or newspapers. The most common ways to find liquor store operator vacancies are:
The Retail Services Division only accepts applications for liquor store operators during the advertised period. Application packets will include an Information Sheet describing details about the liquor store, Commission requirements and the last day applications will be accepted. 
A individual or legal entity is not allowed to be a liquor store operator:
  • If the individual, company principle or member or any member of the liquor store operator's household or immediate family has financial interest in, or business connection with the distilled spirits industry; (see ORS 471.710(3) and OAR 845-015-0118).
  • If an individual or legal entity is a Commission licensee however, an Off-Premises or Limited licensee (some restrictions apply) may be a liquor store operator (see OAR 845-015-0115).
Application packets can be requested during the advertised period by:
  • Sending a detailed email to that includes the person’s name, mailing address (used to send hard copies of documents if an email can’t be sent), phone number, email address, liquor store location and store number.
  • Calling the Retail Services Division at 503-872-5020 or 1-800-426-2004 option 1.
Only applicants 21 years old or older are considered for a liquor store operator opening. Applicants are evaluated on the following:
  1. Retail business experience including responsibility for inventory control, cash accountability, supervising personnel and customer service;
  2. Knowledge of retail operations or business management, including study or training in those or related fields;
  3. Customer service skills and ability to communicate and work effectively with the public;
  4. Record of felony conviction, conviction of crime relating to money management fraud, or a history of conviction of crimes relating to the abuse of alcohol or controlled substances;
  5. Financial ability to purchase or lease and equip the retail liquor store at a Commission-approved location. The applicant's ability to provide the necessary funds to meet the operating expenses of the retail liquor store for two months, pay a resignation buy-out (blue sky) and other related expenses, and be bonded under the Commission's blanket position fidelity bond.