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Marijuana Home Delivery in Oregon

Cities and counties can opt-in to allow marijuana home deliveries from adjacent jurisdictions

Cities and counties can opt-in to allow marijuana home deliveries from adjacent jurisdictions. Once a city or county provides the OLCC an Opt-In form along with a copy of an ordinance allowing out-of-jurisdiction home deliveries, the OLCC will update the Home Delivery Map.

Before attempting to make a home delivery, a licensed retailer should check the Home Delivery Map to make sure to make sure it is allowed to the residence requesting the home delivery.

Not all retailers choose to provide delivery. Currently, all OLCC licensed marijuana retailers are eligible to deliver to any OMMP patient regardless of where the store is located or where the patient lives.

If licensees or local governments have any questions or concerns, please contact OLCC by email:



OLCC Marijuana Home Delivery Map
This interactive map can be used to determine the location of existing licensed OLCC adult-use cannabis retailers and whether or not those retailers are allowed to deliver to a residence in an adjacent city or county.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OLCC licensed retailers that have registered with our agency for delivery, may deliver to consumers.​

Only the retailer and the retailer’s representatives may engage in this privilege. Any person delivering marijuana items on behalf of a retailer must be registered in the Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) as an employee of that retailer with a valid marijuana worker permit number and be declared on the required transport manifest as recorded in CTS.
No. Although a wholesaler licensee may transfer marijuana items between licensed premises on behalf of another licensee, in order for a person to provide home delivery of marijuana on behalf of a retailer, that person must be an employee of the retailer and must be recorded as such in the Cannabis Tracking System. A person may not be an employee representing multiple retailers at a time and may not provide home delivery for multiple retailers at a time.
Historically, retailers have only been allowed to deliver to adult use consumers in the same jurisdiction where the retailer is located. In 2021, the Oregon legislature passed a law expanding home delivery privileges, including allowing cities and counties to “opt in” to allow delivery from adjacent jurisdictions (2021 Oregon Laws, Chapter 155, Sections 2 to 7).

A retailer may now deliver to an adult use consumer in an adjacent jurisdiction, but only if that jurisdiction has adopted an ordinance allowing for interjurisdictional deliveries from adjacent cities or counties. Interjurisdictional deliveries to adult use consumers continue to be prohibited to any jurisdiction that has not adopted an ordinance to allow them.

Both. OLCC licensed retailers were already allowed to deliver to OMMP cardholders anywhere in the state.  Retailers are only allowed to deliver to adult-use consumers 21 years of age and older outside the jurisdiction where they are licensed, or in an adjacent jurisdiction that has passed an ordinance to opt in to allow delivery from other jurisdictions. ​

​Home delivery is allowed at the state level. Local jurisdictions may not allow it or have additional regulations. ​A licensed retailer may travel through a jurisdiction that doesn't permit home delivery to a jurisdiction that does allow it.

A retailer can deliver to OMMP cardholders anywhere in Oregon, but they may only deliver to an adult-use consumer outside of the licensed jurisdiction where they are licensed if the city or county has opted in to allow delivery from other jurisdictions.  ​

OLCC retailers are required to collect the same tax for deliveries as they would in the store.  OMMP cardholders are not required to pay a tax.  Retailers may have additional delivery fees, so remember to ask when you place your order.  ​

A retailer may only deliver to an address once per day and the purchase limits for delivery are the same as daily sales limits in retail stores.  ​

Nothing in OLCC’s administrative rules prohibits a retailer licensee from delivering non-marijuana items to a residence. However, these items may not be “bundled” with marijuana items; each item must have a separate price and a licensee may never discount a marijuana item contingent upon the purchase of any other item.

For example, a licensee may not sell a non-marijuana item at an inflated price in order for a customer to receive a marijuana item at a discounted price and a licensee may not require the purchase of a non-marijuana item in order to receive a marijuana item.

No.  Home delivery is only allowed within the state within jurisdictions that allow delivery or have opted in for inter-jurisdictional delivery. ​

For questions or concerns about interjurisdictional marijuana delivery, please email: