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Modernizing Oregon's Vital Records Systems

Oregon Vital Events Registration System

OVERS provides a secure Web-based environment that supports convenient, stable and flexible operations from the creation of records to the production of certified copies and statistical reporting.

June 2022: New Way to sign/certify a record in OVERS

Change: In June of 2022, a new method to sign or certify vital records that does not require a biometric device, signature pad or authenticator app will be implemented.

What this means:
June 1:

  • A User Acknowledgment will be added that must be accepted each time when logging into OVERS.

June 12: 
  • OVERS will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance and updates.
  • New Process to certify records will be implemented that includes new Affirmation Statements.
  • Biometric devices, signature pad and authenticator app will be disabled.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) should no longer be used with OVERS.

Using OVERS Just Got Easier - Handout

Authenticator App for OVERS

Change: Effective March 2, 2020, there is a new option to certify a record.

What this means: Medical Certifiers and Funeral Directors have another option to certify a record: The Authenticator App for OVERS. The convenience of an authenticator app allows users to securely certify a death record anywhere, using any browser, and eliminates the need of a biometric device.

Any authenticator app can be used to link the Medical Certifier's or Funeral Director's information to OVERS, and it can be installed on any smart phone and used within minutes. The authenticator app is an option on the OVERS Certify Screen. Once enabled, the Authenticator drop-down menu defaults to Authenticator.

We have created easy to use quick guides to help you get started:

For more information, check out our Authenticator App Flyer.

Password Reset Functionality

All user groups can access the password reset functionality in OVERS. This functionality allows OVERS users to reset their password electronically after getting locked out or if they forget their password. You will no longer need to call the OVERS Help Desk to reset your password.
Click on the "Forgot your password?" link under the username field, the next screen will require a username and a Captcha security code. Continue through the prompts to receive an email with the temporary password. Once you have received the email, you can log back into OVERS and reset the password.
Please see the Quick Reference Guide for a step-by-step set of instructions.
If you need any assistance, please call the OVERS Help Desk at 971-673-0279. The OVERS Help Desk team is available Mondays through Fridays (except state holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Sex Designation Functionality

Change: The OVERS system has new options for sex designation. The selections of Female, Male, Undetermined, and Unknown are the same, but you will also see X. X, indicating nonbinary, has been added to include individuals who are not exclusively male or female.

What This Means: For more detail in how this will affect your data entry in OVERS please see the following links. Updated instructions and worksheets are also available there.

Self-Paced Trainings Available

Self-paced training is on our website 24/7, allowing you to follow and interact with computer-based training content from any computer with an internet connection at anytime. With these trainings, you can take breaks and learn at your own pace.

See all available trainings

Newest FAQ-based Tutorials

These walkthroughs describe how to do frequently asked about everyday tasks in OVERS. All links are in PDF format.

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