Acupuncturist Reactivation

The Board's duty is to ensure that Oregonians receive appropriate healthcare from qualified professionals.  The reactivation process helps us honor that responsibility.  If you are returning to active or paid practice in Oregon, you must reactivate your license.  

Reactivation Applications are now online!  ​
Log in to Applicant/Licensee Services to apply to reactivate your license.

Please submit your application at least 90 days before you wish to change your status.  This will allow time to receive the required documents and for Board staff to process the application. 

Please read the following instructions carefully as omissions or incorrect information will delay the processing of the application, which will in turn delay the beginning date of your practice in Oregon.



Fees:  The $98 reactivation fee includes fees for application processing and for fingerprint processing.  Please note that back fees such as renewal and late fees may be applicable and will be evaluated and communicated to you once your application is initially processed.

Fingerprints:  Fingerprinting requirements can be found at:



Health Related Employment Verification:  Request a verification of employment directly from any health related employer you have worked for since the time you last renewed your Oregon license or during the past 5 years, whichever is most recent.  The verification must show the beginning and ending dates of employment as well as answers to questions regarding performance during the period of employment or staff membership.  Please use the Verification of Health Related Employment Form.

Reference Letters:  If you have had any periods of solo practice since the time you last renewed your Oregon license or during the past 5 years, whichever is most recent, please ask three acupuncturist colleagues from the local community, whom you have known for at least six months, to submit a letter of recommendation directly to the Board.  This letter should include the length of time he/she has known you and a performance statement.

Personal History Documentation:  For affirmative answers to Personal History Questions, if applicable.



OMB staff will obtain the following documentation for your reactivation:

  • Verification of Other State Licensure
  • Verification of NCCAOM Certification



If you have been out of practice for 24 or more consecutive months immediately prior to applying for reactivation of Oregon licensure, additional requirements may apply.  Please review the Re-Entry to Practice page and OAR 847-070-0045 for further details.



Acupuncture Reactivation Checklist

Chronology of Activities

Written Explanation of Affirmative Responses to Personal History Questions


Once you submit and pay for your reactivation application, you may access your status report by logging in to our Applicant/Licensee Services at:  Your status report provides up-to-date information regarding outstanding items.

You may also contact the Licensing Call Center with any questions:

9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
​Phone: 971-673-2700

In all correspondence with the Call Center, please include your license number, date of birth, and ONLY the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to ensure confidentiality.

The Board looks forward to receiving your reactivation application and helping you through the process.  Please take a moment to Comment Online.  Your comments enable us to improve the application process.