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Project review and compliance is a consultation process with the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to determine if a project will have impacts on properties of historic significance. These include, but are not limited to, prehistoric or historic districts, sites, buildings, structures, objects, artifacts, records, material remains, and traditional, religious, spiritual, storied, or legendary places.

State and Federal laws are in place that define and guide the consultation process for private landowners, state and local agencies, federal agencies and the SHPO.

In Oregon, archaeological sites on private land are protected. Local permitting review may require consultation with the SHPO when ground disturbing activities are included in the project scope.

State and local agencies have a responsibility to consult with the SHPO when project scope involves ground disturbance on non-federal public lands or the project scope involves work on non-federal publicly owned buildings or structures.

Federal agencies have a responsibility to consult with the SHPO when a project has the potential to effect historic properties.  Federal agencies are responsible for consultation with the SHPO when these projects effect federal property or if the agency is providing any funding, permitting, licensing, or other types of approval for the project.

It is the responsibility of the Oregon SHPO to assist individuals and agencies through the consultation process and to advise on avoidance or minimization of project impacts to properties of historic significance. If adverse project impacts are unavoidable, consultation continues to discuss ways to mitigate for these impacts.

See Laws & Rules to review the written federal regulations and state statutes that apply to the Project Review and Compliance process.

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Forms, Guidance, and Additional Resources

Oregon SHPO has standard forms, resources, and guidance documents to assist with project review. Some forms are required (refer to Go Digital instructions). We encourage you to check this website often for updated versions to ensure a more streamlined review process.

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General Information and review status:

Project specific questions:

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