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Maintain Registration

Renew registration

Each registrant of the Board has an annual renewal date. A registration expires the next calendar day after the annual renewal date if registration is not timely renewed. Registration date is set as the last calendar day of the month of the registrant's initial date of registration. For example, if the Board granted registration on May 16, then the renewal date is set as May 31. In this example, the registration expiration date is June 1.

The renewal window opens 45 days before your renewal date. The Board sends courtesy renewal notices using contact information on record. Even in the event that a registrant does not receive a renewal notice, the registrant is responsible for the timely, annual renewal of registration.

If renewal, including payment of fees, is not completed on or before the renewal date, then the individual's registration is not active unless restored. Restoration of registration must be completed in order for the individual to publicly practice geology in Oregon. See below for more about restoration.

Update contact information

A registrant of the Board is required to verify, and update as needed, contact information at the time of renewal. Outside of the renewal process, a registrant of the Board must notify the Board within 30-days of any change in contact information. Registrants with active registration can update contact information using the online renewal system at any time of year. Alternatively, registrants can send written notification by letter or email to the Board office.

Restore a lapsed registration

If your registration has lapsed, you have the following restoration options which vary depending on how far you are past your renewal date:
  • Option 1: If your renewal date is less than 179 days in the past, you may renew online. The appropriate restoration (late) fee will be added to your renewal charge.
  • Option 2: If your renewal date is less than 179 days in the past, you may alternatively request restoration by providing any updates to contact information in writing and check or money order payment to the Board office.
  • Option 3: If your renewal date is 179 days or more in the past, you may request restoration by providing any updates to contact information in writing to the Board office and then paying fees by check, money order, or online payment completed outside of the online renewal application.
NOTE: If your last renewal date is more than 1 calendar year in the past, please contact the Board office for assistance in determining total fees due. Back renewal fees will apply.

IMPORTANT: After five (5) consecutive years of non-renewal, a registration is considered expired and can no longer be restored to active status. If you are past the five (5) year deadline, you must apply for registration as a new applicant and meet current registration requirements for education, examination, and experience.