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Exam Dates

ASBOG exams are now administered in a computer-based format. Candidates apply to the Board for approval to sit for these exams, but the Board no longer administers paper and pencil exams. Candidates approved by the Board to take an exam will then register with the ASBOG testing vendor, Prometric, and select a test center location during the registration process. The Board anticipates that candidates will be able to select from multiple testing center locations in Oregon as well as locations outside of Oregon.  

Applications for an ASBOG exam must be received in the Board office 100 days prior to the exam administration date. The ONLY exception to this deadline is for resubmittal applications. A resubmittal application to the Board is required to retake an ASBOG exam that was failed or to take an ASBOG exam that was not taken when originally scheduled. These resubmittal applications must be received in the Board office 75 days prior to the exam administration date. No exceptions to these application deadlines!
Applications for the engineering geology exam must be received in the Board office 75 days prior to the exam date. No exceptions!  Note that this exam is not in a computer-based format.

*Note: Candidates will need to pay ASBOG exam fees listed in the above table separately during the process of registering with the ASBOG testing vendor. These exam fees are NOT paid to the Board. Candidates will also need to pay the testing vendor a seat fee of $75. Other fees listed above are payable to the Board. 

IMPORTANT: Application fees paid to the Board are non-refundable. The application fees cover the administrative costs of Board review of applications.