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Exam Dates

Applications for an ASBOG exam must be received in the Board office 100 days prior to the exam date. The ONLY exception to this deadline is for ASBOG exam retake applications, which must be received in the Board office 75 days prior to the exam date.
Applications for the engineering geology exam must be received in the Board office 75 days prior to the exam date. No exceptions!

All exam fees are payable to the Board. For the ASBOG exam, the Board purchases the exams from ASBOG and does not charge any add-on to the exam fees charged by ASBOG. Exam fees are generally non-refundable except when a candidate applied for but was not approved by the Board to sit for an exam.  Exam fees may be refunded in other, very limited circumstances. Contact the Board office as soon as possible if you have a need to withdraw from an exam. 

Instead of withdrawing from an exam, a candidate may be able to forward exam fees to the next exam administration. The candidate must submit a written request to the Board, and that written request must be received in the Board office prior to the date specified in the Board’s exam approval letter.  When a candidate timely requests to be forwarded to the next exam administration, the candidate must take the exam at the next administration or forfeits all fees paid.  The candidate would then need to reapply for exam when ready. The Board charges a modest exam administrative fee for processing of requests to withdraw from exam or forward to the next exam administration.  

The Board also charges a separate exam application fee to cover administrative costs associated with application review.  Application fees are non-refundable; no exceptions. 

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