OYA Health Services


Health Services helps ensure youth are healthy in mind and body in order to effectively participate in treatment and programming.
Research shows that the most effective method of reforming youth offenders involves engaging youth in the appropriate combination of treatment and education. Youth are better able to actively engage in programming if they are healthy, and if they are not distracted by untreated medical problems or suffering from pain or illness.
Health Services provides centralized oversight of health care across all OYA facilities.  
Services Provided
The services provided in the OYA medical clinics is basically the same as that provided in any health care clinic. We see youth regularly and in response to care requests if they become ill or are injured. Some of these services include:
    • Physical exams
    • Mental health assessments
    • Pap smears, prenatal care
    • STD testing, HIV/Hep C testing
    • Immunizations
    • Management of acute and chronic illnesses
    • Management of psychiatric disorders
    • Obesity/overweight screening
    • Vision and hearing screens
    • Dental exam and treatment
    • Blood work
    • Mobile radiology services
In addition to routine health care, youth receive education on a variety of self-care topics to help them stay healthy:
    • Health risks associated with obesity
    • Diet and exercise
    • Avoidance of drug and alcohol
    • Risks associated with IV drug abuse
    • Safe sex and condom use
    • Chronic disease self-management 
    • How to perform self-exams
    • Dental and physical hygiene
OYA Medical Clinics
Eastern Oregon YCF
1800 W. Monroe
Burns, OR 97720
541-573-3133 ext. 231
FAX: 541-573-3665
MacLaren YCF (Intake)
2630 N. Pacific Hwy
Woodburn, OR 97071
FAX: 503-982-4407
Oak Creek YCF (Intake)
4400 Lochner Rd SE
Albany, OR 97322
FAX: 541-791-5939
58231 Oregon Hwy 244
LaGrande, OR 97850
541-663-8801 ext. 226
FAX: 541-663-9181
Rogue Valley YCF
2001 NE "F" St
Grants Pass, OR 97526
541-471-2862 ext. 852
FAX: 541-471-2878
Tillamook YCF
6700 Officer Row
Tillamook, OR 97141
504-842-2565 ext. 225
FAX: 503-842-4918