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Youth Property and Packages

Youth Property

Eastern provides all youth with essential items: clothing, bedding, hygiene products, and food. All youth have access to a student store, where they may purchase non-essential items.


All packages must be approved by your youth’s living unit manager or case coordinator before you send them. Packages that are not pre-approved will be returned to sender.

Please do not wrap gifts — this is for the safety of all our youth. You may put the gifts in unsealed decorated gift bags or boxes.

Clothing: All colors of clothing are allowed. However, gang-affiliated youth may not wear gang colors. Please leave the store tags on any clothing you send to your youth, and keep your receipts in case the items have to be returned.

Stamps: Youth can purchase stamps at the facility canteen, or you can send them to your youth.

Our facility has extremely limited storage space. All excess personal property will be disposed of in one of the following ways, at the youth’s choice:
  1. Sent to family at youth’s expense or sent home at regular visitation time.
  2. Donated to the facility.
  3. Donated to a charitable organization.

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