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Youth Property and Packages

Youth Property

Camp Florence provides all youth with essential items: regular clothing, work clothing (including rain gear and boots), bedding, hygiene, and food. 

Youth often have an opportunity to go on supervised trips into the community to go shopping, work, or go on outings with staff or family.

Youth at Camp Florence may wear personal clothing, as long as it’s appropriate. 


Youth can receive packages in the mail, or you can bring personal items when you visit. 
  • Staff will search and review all items before giving them to youth.
  • Do not include contraband items — it’s a Class C felony to provide these items to youth in custody.
  • Please do not mail food or drinks.
Each youth has one storage box that is about the size of a large suitcase. The overall storage space at camp is limited. Please keep this in mind when deciding how many items to bring or send to your youth.

What You May Bring or Mail

  • Stamps
  • Phone cards (only needed for making international calls)
  • Appropriate clothing (no references to gangs, drugs, alcohol, hate or obscenities)
  • Hygiene products (no alcohol, aerosol, or glass containers) 
  • Pictures
  • Recreational items: This includes items such as books, DVDs, CDs, video games, or media players. Content must be appropriate.
  • Money for youth account: This must be mailed or given to staff when you arrive. We only accept checks or money orders — no cash.
  • At visits only: You may bring food or drinks to eat or cook during your visit, or food or drinks for your youth to store for later. Alcohol, cannabis products, tobacco, and illegal drugs are not allowed.