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Jobs at OYA

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OYA strives to be an inclusive environment where we honor, value, and welcome those who bring different skills, perspectives, and backgrounds to the workplace. As an agency we have chosen to center diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do, leading with race. If you are looking to join a team that not only contributes to youth reformation but also values individual and cultural differences, we want to hear from you!

We help youth change, which in turn helps keep communities safe. And our staff, at all levels, often use phrases like “rewarding,” “make a difference,” and “meaningful” to describe their jobs. We seek people who want challenging work where they will learn, grow, and feel good about what they are doing.

Many OYA employees provide direct care for youth, while others serve to support that work in and outside of our facilities, in a variety of roles within our administrative offices and satellite locations. All are united by a belief in the positive, developmental approach to rehabilitation, and by our culture of creating safe, supportive environments, where we all are held accountable, and where we are connected to our community.

Research shows that the brain continues developing until at least our mid-20s. That means we have rich opportunities for helping the youth in our care learn how to take responsibility for their behavior and how to act differently in the future. We do this by providing safe, positive, supportive environments where youth can become responsible citizens and our staff are able to bring their authentic selves to do great work with opportunities to learn new skills and advance.

What kind of jobs does OYA offer?

Inside Secure Facilities — statewide

Field Offices — statewide

  • Juvenile parole and probation officers
  • Foster care certifiers
  • Clerical/office support

Central Office — Salem

  • Clerical/office support
  • Accountants
  • Contracts specialists
  • Policy Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Training and development specialists
  • Information technology specialists
  • Human resources specialists

Requirements for Working at OYA

Applicants are required to:
  • provide proof of COVID vaccination or an approved exemption for religious or medical reasons
  • pass a criminal background/LEDS check
  • pass a drug test

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Search All OYA Jobs

Find job openings at OYA. (Click on “Oregon Youth Authority" under the “Company" filter.)

Watch: OYA recruitment video


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