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Requirements for Working at OYA

Applicants are required to:
  • pass a criminal background/LEDS check
  • pass a drug test
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Requirements for Group Life Coordinators

GLC positions require a valid valid driver's license.

Anyone seeking to be a group life coordinator at OYA must complete a physical abilities test, or PAT. Because it’s part of the pre-employment process, there is no compensation or expenses paid for this test.

Once you successfully complete the PAT, you will move on in the recruitment process. If you cannot pass the PAT, you can take the test again after 30 days.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate they have the ability to: 
  • handle, feel, and have finger dexterity using both hands
  • move or carry objects weighing 6-165 lbs. a maximum of 54 feet
  • kneel, bend, turn and stand, turn and sit, reach and crawl
  • perform 15 step-ups on a 12-inch stepping platform
  • run or jog 100 yards
  • hold body weight in the push-up position for 50 seconds
  • hold a 6-pound medicine ball at chest level with arms extended for a period of 40 seconds
  • complete the circuit outlined above two times with a one-minute break between sessions
Candidates must also have:
  • acceptable vision of at least 20/30 (with or without glasses or contacts) in both eyes, with peripheral vision of 160 degrees from a distance of 20 feet
  • binaural hearing (with or without hearing aids) in ranges from 500 to 2000 hertz and from 20 to 60 decibels.