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Relief Hearings

Before their scheduled release, each youth will be scheduled to appear in court for what is called a sex offender determination hearing. A youth can waive their right to a hearing, but then they will be required to register as a sex offender. 

At the hearing, the youth involved must be able to show they have changed their behavior, are rehabilitated, and do not pose a risk to the safety of the public. 

The court considers many things, including:

  • How much physical and emotional injury there was to the victim
  • The type of offense committed
  • If there was the use of force or threats
  • If the offense was planned
  • If the youth used their relationship or trust to offend the victim
  • The age of the youth and of the victim at the time of the offense
  • If the victim was vulnerable in some way
  • Other laws that might have been broken
  • Whether the youth has made efforts to fix the harm they caused
  • Treatment and evaluation reports, incident reports, and other documents from treatment providers
  • Statements and documents from the victim or other people
  • Any other related information

What could reduce the likelihood of having to register as a sex offender?

  • Accepting responsibility for committing the offense and the harm caused
  • Having made efforts to pay any court-ordered restitution
  • Having successfully completed sex offense-specific treatment
  • Following the terms of all court orders and supervision agreements
  • Showing rehabilitation and a lack of risk to the public’s safety.

The court will send a certified copy of the court's decision to the Oregon State Police, which handles the sex offender database.

To request records for a sex offender determination hearing, visit the Records Requests page.


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